During its invitation-only event at the Excentris, the mobile and interactive agency 2XM revealed its change of name and direction. As Mobilogie, the firm will focus entirely on conceptualizing and implementing innovative mobile strategies and solutions specific to its clients' needs, industry and business goals.

Since 2010, Mobilogie (previously known as 2XM Interactive) has helped many clients, from startups to multinational corporations, in developing innovative solutions using mobile technologies while seamlessly integrating them into their current business. Decorated with numerous industry awards, invited at international conferences on mobility, and named Canadian startup of the year by the American publication The Next Web, Mobilogie helps businesses adapt to ever changing technologies, and innovate to compete in a global economy. As mobility disrupts entire industries, Mobilogie helps its clients in creating new products, reinventing existing product lines, developing new revenue streams, and building always-on, location-aware communication channels with its clients and employees.

"Our clients see Mobilogie as a vital extension of their own business that specializes in mobile innovation and R&D. We are an intrinsic part of their organization and not only help to foster a culture that inherently wants to transform their industry, but help to build the internal structure and knowledge required to maintain it", says Antoine Azar, president of Mobilogie.

Mobilogie – Wavefront partnership

In addition, Mobilogie announced a strategic partnership with Wavefront, a National Centre of Excellence that specializes in accelerating wireless innovation and commercialization. Under this partnership, Mobilogie and Wavefront will organize a series of events detailing the latest mobile trends, new industry strategies and emerging business models. Each event will focus on one particular industry, such as retail, banking, insurance, transport, telecommunications, medical and many more. Interested business executives are invited to sign up at http://www.mobilogie.ca/education

A mobile innovation fund

As their third announcement, Mobilogie unveiled the foundation of its new mobile innovation fund. In an effort to ensure that innovation is never hindered by a lack of initial funding, Mobilogie invites small and medium sized organizations with a mobile project to apply at innovation@mobilogie.ca. This new fund allows Mobilogie to greatly accelerate the development and commercialisation of its clients' new mobile products and applications.

With these three announcements – an innovation fund, educational events, and a world-class mobile team – Mobilogie aims to foster innovation in the mobile sector while positioning its clients as leaders in their respective industries.