What do you get that someone who seems to have everything? High-tech CEOs, surrounded by the latest and greatest in gadgetry, can think of plenty of great digital gifts.

We asked a few to pass along their wish lists and what they’re buying others. Like consumers, many of these CEOs fancy digital cameras, Apple products and auto-related doo-dads. Here’s a peek at their lists:

*EBay CEO John Donahoe. “I want a new laptop for home with an Intel 5 core processor so we can stream whatever is on the laptop onto any of the TVs in our house. I wonder if I could persuade folks to set up an @ebaygroupgifts for it.”

*SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott. The head of the business software giant plans to give tablets, tablets and more tablets to friends and family.

*Garrett Camp, CEO and co-founder of StumbleUpon, a discovery-based online search engine. The fledgling photographer has his eyes on a Leica M9 camera, which combines classic range-finder design with the latest digital technology. He also wouldn’t mind receiving Google TV. “I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the idea of integrating the Web, television and apps into one seamless experience is great,” he says.

Camp is also a fan of SoundRacer, a transmitter that can be plugged into a car lighter and set to the FM dial. It lets drivers make their vehicles sound like high-performance sports cars. “It turns your Honda into a Ferrari,” he says.

*Amit Kapur, CEO of Gravity, a new personalized search engine. The former MySpace chief operating officer plans to give as gifts the Xbox Kinect video game accessory, the Dyson Air Multiplier, the X-mini Capsule Speaker and Google TV.

*Walt Doyle, CEO of location-based service Where. “I’m completely loving my iPad,” he says. “I’ve got the 3G version, and it’s a godsend on the train every morning.” He’s also “psyched” about Windows Phone 7. Lastly, for those friends who are gamers, Doyle is a big proponent of Xbox Kinect.

*Danny Shader, CEO of PayNearMe, a new online-payment service. Shader is “threatening to buy a Kindle for my wife, but she’ll probably kill me because she loves paper books.”