Making a gadget your own is much more fun than joining the anonymous ranks of consumers toting identical tech.

1. Pentax RS1000

As well as eight alternative skins bundled in with the RS1000, there’s a free online gallery where you can browse, download and print more. And a stencil kit is included so you can make your own.

2. The Jelly Watch Shop

With a total of 110 possible color combinations, it’s almost statistically impossible that you won’t be able to design your perfect watch from the crazy-fun Jelly Watch Shop.

3. Dell’s Consumer Laptops

Dell’s Mini, Studio and XPS laptops can all be customized with colorful lids. There are more than 240 designs from a variety of artists as well as partners such as Threadless, (PRODUCT) RED and Major League Baseball teams.

4. Flip Video Cameras

Buy a Flip video camera online and you can choose its casing design there and then. If you can’t find a design you like from the tons of top options available, you can personalize your own with the cool online design generator.

5. Hu Custom Colored Televisions

Want your television to co-ordinate with, or stand out from, your home decor? The Hu service can help. Any of the TVs bought from the Home Technology Store can be tinted to match a color swatch you supply.