VirtoSoftware announces a new version of Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit – no-code set of SharePoint activities for creating custom workflow in SharePoint Workflow Designer. The Workflow Kit is extended with more than forty new activities.

Microsoft SharePoint allows for customizing business processes with more than 30 standard activity blocks. However, the standard set of activities is not always sufficient for organizing specific business processes. With its new add-on for Microsoft SharePoint, Virto SharePoint Workflow, Virtosoftware expands the range of the standard SharePoint activities, providing SharePoint users with wider opportunities for creating custom activity sets, and thus, more flexible customization of business processes. The Workflow Kit is a set of permanently developing and extending no-code and ready-to-use activity blocks that you can easily add to SharePoint Designer and build your own workflow within a minute. Now it includes a wide set of e-mail, instant messaging, active directory, sms, text, info path, http and site management activities.

Virtosoftware has prepared the largest ever update of Virto Workflow Activity Kit, extending it by more than forty new activities. The web part, fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010, consists of more than 130 activities. Among the new activities: array, active directory, date and time, SharePoint list, twitter, SharePoint library as well as many other activities that allow SharePoint users to flexibly design their own custom workflows.
Virto Workflow Activity Kit 3.0 is a third component in the product line of Virtosoftware for improved workflow management in SharePoint.

Virtosoftware also presents Virto Workflow Monitor for monitoring workflows running on a site as well as Virto Workflow Scheduler for scheduling automatic launches of workflows that now together with Workflow Activity Kit offer a complex solution for effective workflow management.