411 WebConnect launches a new refined version of its online
Business search engine which aims to directly compete with Canada 411 and

New features of the website include proximity searches, social bookmarks, a mobile version
of the site for today’s generation of cell phones and customer login for easy listing
modifications amongst many other new features. Unlike other business directories, 411
WebConnect covers both Canadian and American markets and is available in Enlish, French
and Spanish.

Companies may list themselves for free at any time. 411WebConnect already has 2 million
listings and the number is quickly growing. It also allows smaller companies to easily be
placed at the top of search results without discrimination. The various advertising packages
place all companies equally above free listings. You pay according to the amount of features
you would like your listing to have and not according to the position you would like to be

A member in good standing with Better Business Bureau, 411WebConnect is one of the
fastest growing online phone directories covering the Canadian and American markets. In
order to leave the smallest carbon footprint, the directory runs off echo friendly servers,
does electronic invoicing and confirmations and takes a firm position against printed

To view the 411 WebConnect website, visit: http://411webconnect.com