Mugen Power Batterie the manufacturer of high-capacity batteries for handheld devices, announces the new CC-M9 Mugen Power 3700mAh Extended Battery Case for HTC One M9 which extends the time consumers can use this popular device. The battery case is immediately available from Mugen Power Batteries with free shipping worldwide.

Designed to provide maximum mobile freedom, Mugen Power 3700mAh (milliamp hour) Battery Case, extends the life of the HTC One M9 by delivering 2x more power. This impressive battery performance allows consumers, especially those who are often on the move, to use the device longer. The new battery is fully compatible with the HTC One M9 and fits well into HTC One M9.

As well as delivering longer life, the new battery is also exceptionally reliable. Like other Mugen batteries, the Mugen 3700mAh Extended Battery for HTC One M9 has undergone vigorous QA testing to ensure the highest quality and lowest return rate. The battery is also in compliance with the CE requirements.

"HTC One M9 owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked hard on this project and managed to double battery life to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before," says Nikolai Lebedovsky, CEO at Mugen Power.

"It looks like a really good accessory for HTC M9 as the phone doesn't have a very great battery, and Mugen products have always been excellent." says Kurt, an early adopter of the Mugen Battery from Evansville, IN.