1-Steve loves The Beatles and is said to have modeled his business plan after their career.

2-Steve has hosted the likes of President Clinton in his home and was serenaded by Ella Fitzgerald at his 30th birthday party.

3-Steve dropped out of Portland’s Reed College after one semester but continued to religiously take calligraphy classes.

4-Steve started his career in tech as a Summer employee at HP where he met Steve Wozniak. He later worked at Atari as a technician.

5-Steve purchased The Graphics Group from George Lucas and LucasFilm for $10 million in 1986. That company would later be called Pixar.

6-Steve Jobs is a vegan.

7-Steve is adopted and has four children of his own.

8-Steve was named the Most Powerful Person in Business by Fortune Magazine in 2007.

9-Steve traveled to India to seek enlightenment and returned as a Buddhist.

10-Steve’s signature turtleneck is made by St. Croix.