LSC Communications Acquires Continuum from Central National Gottesman

LSC Communications announced that it has acquired Continuum, a print procurement and management business, from a subsidiary of Central National Gottesman. This acquisition enhances LSC Communications’ ability to satisfy all client needs across the Company’s print segment, driving scale and efficiency regardless of format.

“Since inception in 2012, Continuum has consistently provided the highest level of service to its clients and has shown consistent growth,” commented Tom Quinlan, Chairman and CEO of LSC Communications. “This transaction demonstrates our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs by providing the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. We look forward to combining our skills and strengths with those of Continuum, further enhancing value to our clients.”

Continuum enables clients to outsource all of their print sourcing and print management needs, allowing them to better manage their total cost and focus on their core strengths. Combining industry-leading knowledge with a vast network of suppliers, Continuum manages the entire print process and generates efficiencies that result in tangible savings for clients.

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