Metareal to Debut A Mobile-Ready 3D VR Solution for Any Designer or Photographer, Without Specialist CG Skills - To Disrupt VR and 3D Industry

Metareal, Inc. announces an early preview of Metareal Stage, a game-changing solution to capture and publish mobile-ready, 3D VR content that will empower designers and photographers, without specialist computer graphics skills, to grow their businesses. Gareth Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO, will debut and demonstrate Metareal Stage at The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference (IVRPA) in Vienna, Austria on June 4, 2017.

The company initially plans to target VR and real estate photographers, and web designers. Virtual tours prove to be valuable, but today they're mostly created with 2D panoramas. 3D virtual tours are desired but they typically require expensive hardware and software and involve CG expertise. To create a 3D tour, it takes hours, and sometimes days, to capture and publish a 3D VR walkthrough. Metareal is breaking down the barriers to 3D creation by making production as easy and cost-effective as 2D virtual tours, and making the content mobile-ready. Virtually anyone will be able to capture real-world locations and products and share them online and in mobile apps in minutes. Metareal Stage is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable 'capture to publish' solution in the market; creating an exciting shift as it will disrupt the way that VR-ready, 3D content is currently created.

3D content drives sales - consumers report 20% more engagement versus 2D content, and virtual experiences can double conversions to sales versus traditional content on websites. Also, the proliferation of 3D stereo headsets now allows for easy consumption of 3D content. This makes 3D content creation more relevant. "We're excited to put easy-to-use, mobile-ready 3D tech into the hands of photographers and web designers - we hope to help them grow their businesses, and be able to offer new kinds of affordable VR experiences to their clients," says Morgan.
Metareal Stage will be available for wide-distribution in fall 2017, and the company plans to release a beta version in July 2017. The company will announce an affordable subscription-based pricing structure that includes a freemium option.


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