Teamwork Introduce Boards to Rival Industry Heavyweights Trello, the SaaS provider of Business management applications have announced the release of one of their biggest features in recent years – Boards. This latest addition to their flagship product Teamwork Projects,  gives users the opportunity to visualise and create their workflow on a board.  

Speaking about the addition of Boards to their project management software, co-founder and CTO of, Daniel Mackey said:

"From the very beginning my co-founder Peter and I wanted to create a collaborative project management tool that allowed users to work the way they wanted. Using task lists to achieve goals was the primary way of doing things up until now and it works very well for our users. But we live in a visual world and you've got to move with the times. With so many of our customers looking for this feature, we made the decision to add it. But we didn't want to force users to change the way they work, instead we wanted to complement it and I think we've achieved that."

10 years ago, as struggling web developers they built their project management app out of necessity. When they couldn't find something to suit their needs they decided that in order to get the required functionality from an app, they had to build it themselves. Since then, all their feature releases have been demand driven.

"For us, our customers are the ones that dictate what features we release. We're finally at a point where we have a very solid roadmap, an excellent process for developing the features on that roadmap and an amazing team who are able to execute the whole thing. In the space of just a few months we have launched a European hosting option and added the first version of boards as well as some powerful updates to the app. We're obsessed with the idea of helping people in any company no matter how small or big become more organized.  Adding Boards is just another way to do this and we've already started developing the next update to this feature," says Mackey

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