Solotech selects DLGL VIP HCM Software Solution for Canada and USA deployment

The Montreal-based global leader in audiovisual technologies for shows and festivals announces the choice of DLGL and its integrated human capital and payroll software VIP to address its expanding needs in Canada and the USA.

« We did our homework and looked at all the offers available in the market. We wanted a partner to accompany us in our deployment of tools to simplify the complex administration of our human resources management, a solution that offers one single integrated database for Canada and the USA. with no data interfaces, no duplication, and the ability to respond promptly to our future needs. DLGL and VIP have met our strict criteria. »  said Isabelle Frenette, Vice-President, Human Resources.

For Mathieu Laforge, Vice President, Information Technology, it was important to acquire the best technologies possible. « We are a high-tech company and we are committed to delivering to each and every customer what will best satisfy their needs, one customer at a time.  We wanted a supplier who is like us, focused on customer satisfaction, not on business models and technologies designed to simplify the delivery and life of the supplier.»
"We considered a SaaS delivery by DLGL, but having the availability of a SaaS Private Cloud solution that protects our firewalls allows us to have the best of both worlds: DLGL takes responsibility of the application management and its upgrades and our confidential data remains with us. There is no need to run the additional risks of having our personnel data outside our walls. »

The selection team also included Claude Deschênes, the Payroll and Benefits Manager. « It happens often in this industry that suppliers' promises are not kept. Those who try at all costs to force us to use what they offer to hundreds of customers in a monochrome mode only transfer the support back to us of  the  inherent complexity which is our reality. We demanded from DLGL proof that our complexities would be met, and we saw what we wanted. No HR data interfaces, no black boxes, a single integrated system that meets all our needs. A single database for Canada and the USA was imperative for me. Border crossings are in our daily routine. »

The seasoned President of Solotech , Normand Legault, summed it up: « As my colleagues know, I am a man of action.  Solotech has a mission of consolidation in the North American market. I asked them to choose partners and tools that can follow the same beat as us. I really liked what I saw and heard when they presented DLGL as their supplier of choice and I was particularly happy to find out that this leader is from Canada. .. I like  people who claim to be the best in the world and who can prove it... it's like us. »

DLGL President Jacques Guénette said: « Solotech has the business sophistication and technology acumen to make informed choices for a strategic supplier, as well as the means to afford any solution deemed to be the right one. Their selection process was carried out internally by experienced people who knew what they needed and wanted. When the selection process is of this quality, our chances of winning are excellent. And that's what happened. We are extremely honored by this choice, and Solotech will have in DLGL a reliable and efficient collaborator. »

Paul Lavallée, co-Director of Operations at DLGL added : "Our cultures are very similar, and our teams built from the get-go a nice complicity which delivered a quick and smooth delivery."

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