Sherweb Webinar 30 May

Vanguard Integrity Professionals Announce Vanguard Advisor Helping Eliminate Security Exposures

Vanguard Integrity Professionals is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its Vanguard Advisor solution available across its enterprise-wide cybersecurity software suite. Vanguard Advisor provides complete collection and reporting of system events to enable powerful forensic analysis. Advisor is a customizable event driven engine providing notifications and real-time reporting on security events and changes to security sub-systems.

  • Can your Security and Reporting Analysis solution be used to diagnose security events and notify your team of intrusions?
  • Eliminate the need for your team to learn complex reporting languages.
  • Your team can leverage pre-defined, customizable reports and generate their own reports to locate and analyze security breaches.
  • Advisor is a cost effective solution allowing report of security events and notifying your security team of suspected intrusions.
  • Advisor eliminates the failure to properly identify an attempted breach, break-in or misuse resulting in catastrophic data loss, representing millions of dollars of loss to your company.
  • Enable your security team to automatically detect security breaches or malicious security patterns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • Gather corresponding information, explain the significance of an event or breach and guide your security team through the process of eliminating security exposures.
  • Empower your security team so they can locate, isolate and analyze security events.
  • Minimize steps and keystrokes, quickly fix and isolate any exposure before disaster strikes.

"Vanguard is committed to the development and delivery of best in class cybersecurity products and solutions especially when the risk to critical data is so high," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Vanguard. "We continue to upgrade and improve our already high-performance security solutions. Vanguard's powerful Advisor™ solution delivers real-time Notification providing immediate awareness of host-based intrusions and changes to the environment that could indicate internal or external security changes requiring security personnel to investigate."

Key Takeaways

  • Provides powerful system event reporting and data mining capabilities.
  • Advisor's active alerts provides immediate notification of security events or combinations of events.
  • Automates removal of operations attributes.
  • Automates remediation of warning on profiles.
  • Advisor has the ability to reconstruct any or all security commands issued on the system.

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