Hosted VoIP Business Phone Service with Online Dashboard

-You currently have a traditional facilities based phone system. Maybe its a PBX or possibly a key-phone system. You are in the process of considering migrating to a Hosted-VoIP phone system. Someone in your organization has done a lot of research. Maybe they have even looked at some demos. What else do you need to understand or do?

computer-1869236_960_720.jpgI am sure you at least know and understand the features that Hosted VoIP provides. You get an automated attendant, find me follow me, voice mail sent to your email, call monitoring and call recording just to name few. It is obvious what benefits you will realize from those features. 

One really important benefit you get with Hosted VoIP (from companies like ConnectMe) is an online dashboard. The online dashboard is a software interface that allows for immediate access to your business phone system. 

Why is the online dashboard so important? Here are a few reasons. Setting up and changing routing. You can set up find me follow me in real time--routing calls from your business phone to your cell phone. How about changing groups of people (on the fly) that receive your business calls. Do you manage the number of calls and amount of time employees spend on calls? Whatever your expectations are, they can be easily analyzed and managed through the online dashboard. Maybe you are going on vacation or have an employee leaving the company. You simply go to the online site and redirect voice mails to other employees emails, route calls to someone else for coverage, change passwords, etc.

In closing, I suggest that before you choose a Hosted VoIP provider, you test drive their online dashboard.


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