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Microsoft launches facility to fight cybercrime in Latin America

Indeed, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made no secret of the company’s aim to create an “intelligent cloud platform” or that it would be one of its key investment areas. In fact, Microsoft has made a number of notable cybersecurity acquisitions to bolster its in-house expertise.

Back in 2015, Microsoft announced a new Cyber Defence Operations Center, which it touted as a “state-of-the-art facility” to house security experts who would “protect, detect, and respond to threats in real time.” And Microsoft’s latest initiative very much feeds into that broader push, albeit with a specific focus on Latin America. Although it will provide some support to companies and citizens, the center will focus more on supporting governments in their fight against cybercrime.

“This new center will work together with Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president of Microsoft global sales, marketing, and operations. “The objective is to help companies and governments with security solutions which help them in their digital transformation through the international support of the intelligence, data analysis, avant-garde forensics and legal strategies that we offer.”

Cybersecurity Engagement Center (Mexico)

Above: Cybersecurity Engagement Center (Mexico)

Through the new facility, Microsoft says it will focus on “dismantling criminal organizations” that use botnets to spread malware or compromise companies’ online security. It will also serve as headquarters for training activities for the public sector and local authorities.

“By opening this Cybersecurity Center, we are offering our clients protection from attacks and security risks, as well as ways to detect them and find solutions,” added Jorge Silva, general manager of Microsoft Mexico.

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