Re-Selling Hosted VoIP Phone Systems & Service

Are you a technology company? Maybe you are an IT services provider? Possibly a Managed Services Provider? Or maybe you do desktop support for businesses? Whatever the case, you are probably interested in growing revenue. One way to grow revenue is to resell Hosted VoIP phone systems and service.

office-432672_960_720.jpgWhy is reselling Hosted VoIP such a good idea? Let's explore each of the ways it makes sense:

1) You already have a relationship with the business.

2) End user support is being provided.

3) You undersand the network.

4) This will give you the ability to provide a disaster recovery solution for voice and data. 

5) Increase revenue by selling hardware and service.

Scott Seltzer (President - ConnectMe which is a Hosted VoIP Interconnect carrier) did a webinar on this very subject. He described in detail the hows, the wheres and the whys of technology companies selling or reselling VoIP. Technology companies do not need to own and manage the system. That is handled by companies like ConnectMe. They provide a turnkey solution.

I suggest you listen to the attached link for the webinar and find out why this could make sense for your business.


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