On Feb 22, find out why the channel should be selling VoIP in a live webinar featuring Scott Seltzer, a 25 year telephony industry veteran

We are actually in the middle of a North American survey to find our what percentage of the channel currently sells VoIP and how much it represents of their overall business. We also want to find out if they see VoIP sales increasing or decreasing in the coming year. Overall, we wanted to find out what’s really happening with VoIP in the IT Channel. We will share some of the preliminary findings on this live webinar.

As we explore VoIP in the channel, one big first question that we wanted to get answered is “Why should MSPs and VARs sell VoIP?” As we reached out to the channel, we discovered that most of the MSPs and VARs who did not sell VoIP, really did not have a really good reason as to why they did not sell it. Some said that they had a bad experience in the past. Many did not know what solution that they could offer. Most just did not have VoIP on their radar. It seemed like there was a disconnect between the VoIP opportunity and the channel.

We will put the big question to Scott Seltzer, CEO of ConnectMEVoice, a 25 year veteran in the business. He founded the American Voicemail Network back in 1991 and has been evolving in the VoIP market ever since. We will ask him to share his experience and insights into the reasons why the channel should be selling VoIP and what are the key factors in selecting the right solution partner to make sustainable and predictable recurring revenue.

This will not be a sales pitch on a VoIP solution! It will be an educational and informative interactive discussion to help you figure out if you should be exploiting the VoIP market, the pitfalls to avoid and what to look for in a channel-friendly solution.

Date: February, 2, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST


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Bring your questions! We will have a live interactive Q&A session.

If you cannot attend, but would like to the get the answers, simply register and we will send you a recording of the entire webinar to view at your convenience. It’s a free webinar as part of our series of VARTrends and MSPTrends educational events to help the channel exploit the best trends in the IT industry.

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