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Toll-Free 800 Service and VoIP

You have heard many things about VoIP and Hosted-VoIP Phone Service. Let's discuss a few things that can enhance your business.

call_us.jpgBusinesses are migrating from traditional phone systems like a premise-based PBX and key-system running over copper wire. They are moving to VoIP and Hosted-VoIP Phone Systems with SIP phones. Hosted-VoIP Phone Service has the call control performed in the cloud (a carrier data center). SIP Phones are connected via Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cables. 

When you sign up for service with Hosted VoIP Interconnect carriers (like ConnectMe) you will have choices to make. Do you need a new phone number? Your Hosted-VoIP provider should be able to get you a new number. Do you want or need toll free (800) service? Your Hosted-VoIP provider should be able to procure a number for you as well.

Many businesses want to know what the cost differences are. As a general statement, you can get local and long distance covered with a flat monthly charge (call centers being the exception). However, toll free (800) service is generally charged on a per minute basis.

There are many reasons to use a toll free (800) number. One is to make your location or area unrecognizable by the phone number. There is a perception that people like to buy locally and that if a business is not in a local area they won't get the sale. Another reason is if you can get a vanity number. That is a number that spells out your business name or industry.

I suggest you talk with your marketing department. Decide if a toll free (800) number is right for you. Then call your Hosted VoIP provider, understand the costs and make a business decision.

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