Demo SIP Phones and VoIP service

When you are looking to buy a new pair of shoes, maybe a pair of pants or a dress, how do you go about it ? You find a style you like and try them on. How about purchasing a new automobile? This is a higher cost item. You probably will go for a test drive. This will give you the opportunity to evaluate the automobile, comparison shop and make sure it has the features you desire. 

doors-1767563_960_720.jpgIn a sense, the same way you shop for a car is the way you should shop for a phone system. Is it in your price range? Do you need it soon? What benefits will you derive? Does it have the features that will make your life easier and more productive?

When purchasing a new VoIP or Hosted-VoIP phone system and service there are two  elements you need to investigate. One are the actual SIP phones, and the other is the Hosted-VoIP service.

Let's look at the SIP phones first. The most popular SIP phone manufacturers are Mitel, Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Snom and Grandstream. There is a difference in price and quality so you need to choose what works for you. One of the things that is pretty true across all manufacturers is the price varies by the number of buttons. For example, a two-line phone is less expensive than a twelve-line phone. These phones also come with a number a programmable buttons. The more features you need, the more programmable buttons you need on the phone. Test drive a few models before you buy. 

The phone service is equally if not more important. Can you get all of the features that you need? Does the Hosted VoIP carrier offer auto attendant, voice mail to email, find me follow me, call recording, call monitoring, etc?. Make sure that the Hosted-VoIP carrier offers all of the features that you need. Check pricing between carriers. You may see a wide range of pricing with essentially the same functionality. Last but not least, check references. Reach out to ConnectMe and get a quote.

In closing, do your homework. Test drive the SIP phones working with Hosted-VoIP service and make sure it meets and exceeds your needs. 

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