Sherweb Webinar 30 May

Primus Announces Trial of Apivio Liberty L2 Wi-Fi Handset

Primus announced that it will be the first major telecommunications provider in Canada to trial the innovative Liberty L2 Wi-Fi handset developed by Vancouver-based Apivio Systems Inc. on its residential and business voice platforms. Apivio's Liberty L2 Voice over IP (VoIP) handset is an advanced Wi-Fi handset that sets a new standard in home and business phones with its Wi-Fi roaming capabilities. Primus, an industry leader, was the first telecommunications company in Canada to introduce VoIP services. Since this groundbreaking launch in 2004, the evolution and adoption of VoIP technology in Canada has been significant.

"We are excited about the opportunity for Primus' residential and business customers to be among the first in the world to experience Apivio's L2 Wi-Fi handset as we continue to offer unique and innovative solutions to meet the evolving communication needs of Canadians," said Brad Fisher, GM of Primus. "We look forward to rolling out the Liberty L2 on a trial basis nationwide and anticipate very favourable feedback given its capabilities."

The Liberty L2 is a contemporarily designed, fully featured Wi-Fi phone with a built-in web browser that provides users the freedom to be mobile with fast, secure and seamless roaming across Wi-Fi access points. Designed for use in residential and small business environments, the Liberty L2 allows users to communicate in and out of the home and across multiple business locations or large campuses. Compliant with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n, the Liberty L2 was designed with VoIP in mind by supporting HD Codecs G.711.1 and G.722 for crystal clear voice quality, along with better calling security compared to any of today's smartphone VoIP apps.

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