Sherweb Webinar 30 May

BlueStar Adds Zebra Technologies Total Wearable Solutions for Hands-Free Efficiency

BlueStar has just introduced the new wearable solutions from Zebra Technologies. The series is comprised of the WT6000 Wearable Computer, the RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner, the RS4000 Corded Ring Scanner, the HS3100 Bluetooth Headset, and the HS2100 Corded Headset.

"Zebra's wearable series provides hands-free options that enhance productivity and allow for better multitasking," says Jack Sheehan, enterprise product and business development manager at BlueStar. "These solutions set a new standard for ease of use, comfort and value."

The Zebra wearable solutions feature ruggedized devices such as the Android-based WT6000 industrial wearable computer, alongside other peripheral devices such as corded or Bluetooth scanners and headsets. With these hands-free devices, it's also easy to implement Zebra's TekSpeech Pro 4, which allows users to quickly and easily leverage a multi-modal speech-directed picking application that marries speech-directed picking with other data capture capabilities. Between the hands-free devices and speech-directed opportunities, Zebra states that warehouse, distribution center, and terminal operators can expect to see a 15 percent boost in productivity along with a 39 percent reduction in errors.

These solutions work together to help improve every aspect of material handling and fulfillment processes, while adding hands-free capabilities that improve the productivity and efficiency of workers across the supply chain.


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