Canadian Web Hosting Offers Windows Server 2016 for Web Hosting Platform and Services

Canadian Web Hosting the leading provider of web hosting and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions in Canada, announced today the general availability of Windows Server 2016 for their web hosting plans. Windows 2016 is available for services including Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, cloud computing instances and Cloud Servers, giving businesses and enterprise clients access to Microsoft's latest generation platform. 

With the Windows Server 2016, Canadian Web Hosting clients will benefit immediately from several key enhancements, including advanced multi-layer security, easier management of their physical and virtual devices and run both existing and cloud-native applications using Windows Server Containers and Nano Servers.  With these updates, Canadian Web Hosting clients will now have multiple layers of built-in protection to reduce risks, eliminate suspicious activities, block malicious attacks and add extended protection to all their virtual machines. Clients can run their websites or applications in a smaller, faster, more secure environment where virtual machines can be setup in both Virtual Machine and Nano Server configurations reducing overall resource usage. 

"We are excited about the release of Windows Server 2016 and can see many new opportunities for our clients.  They will immediately benefit from more security, reduced resource usage and significantly improved reliability," said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at Canadian Web Hosting.  "One of the other areas we are excited about is their new partnership with Docker. With Windows Server 2016, the Docker Engine will now be compatible with Windows, Linux, and hybrid workloads, and our users are able to access a single platform for all their Windows and Linux applications and workloads. The Windows Server Containers are managed through the Docker Client or Microsoft's PowerShell and will allow applications to be packaged and be transferred to servers easily." 

Canadian Web Hosting is the first Canadian company to make Windows Server 2016 available.  Clients can get started by choosing from two different versions – Standard and Data Center editions.  Canadian Web Hosting's team of certified Microsoft specialists will work with clients to get them started with the newest version of Windows Server 2016 that will lead them to faster and more powerful business solutions.  Contact Canadian Web Hosting today at 1-888-821-7888 or by email at to learn more.

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