Sherweb Webinar 30 May

Rogers brings Ignite Gigabit to Neighbourhoods across St John

With download speeds up to one Gigabit per second, Rogers IgniteTM Gigabit Internet is now available for both residential customers and small businesses in neighbourhoods across St. John's. Delivering Rogers' fastest speeds, this local Newfoundland infrastructure investment gives customers what they want the most: extraordinary speed and unlimited data across multiple devices simultaneously.

Canadians are connecting more devices online and streaming more video than ever before. Tracking Rogers network traffic, by 2020 Internet use will grow another 500% (vs. 450% over the last five years), connected devices in the home will double (from 11 to 20), and video streaming such as Netflix and YouTube will account for 80% of network traffic (vs. 55% today).

"Rogers Ignite Internet is ideal for these connected households with multiple devices – at top speeds, customers can download an HD movie in less than 30 seconds, a full album in less than one second, and a game in about five minutes," said Kelly Atkinson, Executive Vice President of Residential Services, Rogers. "Customers get even more value when they combine our fastest unlimited Internet with our great cable and home phone offers."

Speed is also essential to small business owners who can improve productivity via video conferencing, real-time data backup, and faster file transfers. Rogers Ignite Gigabit for business delivers top speeds able to download a 3GB data file in less than 30 seconds and upload to cloud applications up to 2.5X faster than before.
"With this investment in Gigabit Internet, St. John's residents and businesses have world-class technology right here at home to help them better compete in the global digital economy," said St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe. "Fast speed, unlimited data and reliability for multiple devices are the fundamental tools for successful business and Gigabit Internet will ensure our thriving local economy remains strong."

Last October Rogers announced a commitment to deliver Gigabit service to more than four million homes by the end of this year, and more than 3.5 million homes across Canada are now Gigabit-ready. Building on a roll out that began in Ontario in December, Rogers has continued continue to expand Ignite Gigabit service across the country including in Newfoundland and New Brunswick. 

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