Tek Gear Delivers free VR Headsets to everyone!

TEK GEAR, the Canadian-based High-tech device creator and development company is announcing FreeHMD – the world's first Free VR Headset. Commencing today, VR enthusiasts can go to the website  and order their FreeHMD as part of TEK GEAR'S "VR For Everyone" campaign.  

"We've been in the VR business for over 24 years, delivering high end immersive solutions to military, medical, industrial and research institutions worldwide.  Most of the VR products we sell are priced quite high and out of reach of the VR enthusiast." Noted Tony Havelka, Tek Gear president. "The promise of a low cost HMD has faded with the recent launch of entry level consumer VR headsets. With starting prices of $600 and as high as $1,200, this is well out of reach of the average consumer.  Our experience in the VR industry has shown us that, in order to get a consumer grade VR headset to market, it must have a much lower cost.  There's nothing lower cost than $0 – so that's where we set the price."

"If you own a smart phone, you already own the most expensive parts of a VR System: screen,  processor, and tracker.  FreeHMD takes what you already have in your pocket and makes it a complete VR system – for free.  By leveraging the technology most people already own and eliminating the price barrier, FreeHMD  is VR for Everyone."

The FreeHMD is lightweight and extremely user friendly. Comprised of high performance and wide field of view optics, the FreeHMD delivers an amazing immersive experience. The optics can be adjusted to comfortably fit anyone.

Tek Gear's FreeHMDs are compatible with many of the VR apps already on the market.  The Cardboard App (Google Play, iTunes) gets your smartphone VR ready.  It helps you set up the FreeHMD, find VR content and launch your favorite experiences. YouTube VR: YouTube has a channel devoted entirely to 360 degree VR Videos.  Cardboard Camera which turns your smart phone into a VR Camera where you can easily create, view and share immersive panoramas with sound.

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