QNAP Deepens Relationship with AMD Ships New Product Line Incorporating AMD G-Series Processor & 10GbE-ready Networking A Home Run for Budget-conscious SMBs

QNAP Inc. knows small and medium business IT storage needs well; and starting today has a new Turbo NAS offering that perfectly blends storage capacity, performance, and business productivity – the TS-563.  This new 5-drive desktop NAS features up to 30TB (with 5 6TB drives) of storage and is 10GbE network ready. This new model also features 2GB of DDR3L RAM (an 8GB model will also be available).  The TS-563-2G is the second QNAP product line to be introduced; which features the AMD G-series quad-core 2.0GHz embedded processor with its impressive, virtualization and hardware accelerated encryption capabilities.

Today's small and medium businesses need to wring every dollar of productivity out of their IT spends and that extends to storage.  QNAP's Turbo NAS' have evolved into being far more than just networked storage, file/printer sharing, and backup solutions.  Today they can host virtual machines without the expense of VMware, host websites, and a bevy of other business critical applications.  Extend the capabilities of a QNAP NAS further with a wide range of free Apps available from 3rd party developers, right from the dashboard of the embedded QTS management interface.  QNAP's brand new Qsirch search feature makes it fast and easy to find documents, videos, photos, music, and more on the NAS through natural-search terms similar to how one would use a search engine.

The TS-563 – Deeper Dive

The TS-563 is available in 2 base configurations: The TS-563-2G with 2GB of DDR3L RAM pre-installed.  The TS-563-8G has 8GB of DDR3L RAM but otherwise is the same.  Both units are upgradable to 16GB RAM maximum.  SSD-caching is supported for maximum multi-tasking for demanding SMB/workgroup environments.  Both models have built-in Gigabit LAN ports and an expansion slot to allow up to two 10GbE ports to be added (or 2 additional Gigabit ports.  5 USB 3.0 ports and 2 eSATA ports are standard equipment.  

Both new models feature the QTS 4.1 embedded NAS management software, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD support, a full range of virtualized network connectivity options, Windows AD support, and much, much more.  The storage capacity can be easily expanded to up to a whopping 126TB (21 x 6TB drives) through the UX-800P expansion chassis.  Naturally, private cloud support is included through QNAP's MyCloudNAS feature at no additional cost.

Price & Availability

The new TS-563-2G and -8G models are currently shipping in the US and Canada markets.  For pricing, please contact QNAP sales or any reseller listed on the QNAP website.


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