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Better Meetings Today

In 2012, London Business School and Harvard Business School teamed up to study the “span of activity” of several CEOs. This is academic speak for the question, “what do business leaders do all day?” Their findings concluded that CEOs spend 1/3 of their time in meetings. No shocker there. Communication is the cornerstone of any business’s operating efficiency, and meetings are one of a few communication tools leaders employ.

There is both art and process in running a great meeting. To learn the art, go deep. Pick up a copy of Lencioni’s  "Death By Meeting" and read it cover to cover.

To learn the process, take 5 minutes today, right now, to take an action that will improve your company’s communication effectiveness. Print this checklist and use it to audit the next meeting you attend. What gets measured, gets managed, and this WILL make a difference.

Tara Landes is the President of Bellrock, a management consulting firm but different. They help business owners and leaders become more profitable and less stressed. You should talk to her at:





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