Computer Security Products Inc. releases Protect-UX, a new Access Governance solution for Linux and Unix

 Computer Security Products Inc. (CSP) announced the release of Protect-UX, an innovative access governance solution for Linux, Solaris and HP OSS systems. Protect-UX provides policy-based management for file permissions, procedures and tools to discover, review and correct common issues and problems, such as orphan files.

"Managing file permissions on Linux and UNIX has been left to command line utilities and scripts for too long", says Vernette O'Neill, CEO." CSP believes that there is a significant benefit for all organizations to bring this important area of security into a formalized framework, without over-burdening themselves with large-scale solutions. Protect-UX provides a cost-effective way to accomplish this, enabling any organization to enhance their security and compliance."

Protect-UX provides access governance with two key mechanisms: policy definition and management through a GUI access matrix tool; and Fileset Macros to discover, review and correct file permission issues.

Protect-UX can manage multiple systems from a single point, allowing for policies and procedures to be standardized across multiple systems on various platforms. Current platforms supported include Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Solaris and HP OSS, with additional platforms under development.

In addition, Protect-UX enhances security and compliance when Active Directory authentication solutions are used by resolving the management of server-side issues such as orphan files and rogue permissions.

A key benefit of Protect-UX is the ability to carefully delegate use of the "root" account. Administrators may be granted controlled and audited access to root privilege through Protect-UX to manage all file permissions.

"CSP has been providing security solutions on HP NonStop systems for over 25 years", says Vernette O'Neill. "Protect-UX leverages our experience in this highly secure environment, and we are excited to be extending our expertize to the Linux and Unix community with this affordable solution. "


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