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N-able Technologiesí New N-central 8.0 Platform Delivers a Never-Before-Seen Level of Sophistication and Simplicity to MSPs Worldwide

New remote monitoring and management automation platform sparks major inflection point in the deployment and adoption of managed services worldwide

N-able Technologies, the global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) automation software for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, unveiled the next generation of managed services technology: N-central 8.0.

Available worldwide, the new RMM automation platform offers a completely new look and feel; cross-customer dashboards, views and management; enhanced hardware discovery; a new scripting workflow; a mobile user interface (UI) for enhanced technician accessibility; and greater support and manageability for physical, virtualized, mobile and application-based technologies. 

Designed to win the hearts and minds of technicians, N-central 8.0 surpasses the competition in terms of innovation and usability and brings increased business value to MSPs and IT professionals, says Gavin Garbutt, CEO, N-able Technologies. 

“N-central 8.0 marks the beginning of a new era in the managed services marketplace and within N-able,” says Garbutt. “N-central 8.0 is a disruptive technology platform that sets the stage for a tidal wave of innovation from N-able and brings a new level of sophistication and simplicity for delivering remote monitoring and management automation solutions. We invested millions into the N-central product family to ensure it offers our partners what they need to grow their businesses and achieve 100 percent IT coverage with new and existing clients.” 

New N-central 8.0 Provides the Best of Business and Technology in One Platform 

Offering the industry’s most advanced, remote IT automation technology and business-oriented support services, N-central 8.0 is fast becoming the “platform of choice” for MSPs and IT departments. With new and enhanced features including service organization level management, simple and complex filtering, mobile UI, rapid access UI redesign and enhanced VMware monitoring support, MSPs and IT professionals can remotely manage and effectively support up to 750 devices per technician. 

“When it comes to servicing the IT needs of your customers remotely, technicians rely on RMM technology to provide a clear line of sight into the network so we can accurately, efficiently and effectively diagnose and resolve the technical issue,” says Will Smith, technical director, 10-100 Partnership Ltd. “N-central 8.0 takes remote monitoring, management and remediation to the next level by allowing us to create filters that allow us to see only what we need to see so time to resolution is that much faster. Further, the new N-central 8.0 mobile UI gives our technicians the flexibility to service clients remotely from anywhere, at any time and without delay using a Smartphone. That’s tremendous business value we just couldn’t offer before.” 

N-able’s N-central product family is comprised of the new N-central 8.0 platform, which includes Essentials, Professional and N-support Pro, and seven complementary toolsets that work together to reduce IT support costs, improve network performance and increase productivity. A complete listing of the N-central solutions portfolio can be found here: 

“We designed N-central 8.0 to meet and exceed the needs and wants of both the business owner and the technician,” says JP Jauvin, President and COO, N-able Technologies. “With more than 80 N-able partners involved in our beta efforts, we’ve done our homework. N-central 8.0 is the result of our partners’ feedback and N-able’s determination to lead the market in business enablement and training as well as technology innovation.” 

New Incentives, Freemiums and Events 

Existing N-able partners who have a current maintenance and support plan will be able to upgrade to N-central 8.0 free of charge. New N-able partners who purchase N-central 8.0 will receive free unlimited Endpoint Security licenses and unlimited Free Essentials licenses for six months from date of purchase. To accelerate adoption of N-central 8.0 and its 100 % IT Coverage model, N-able is orchestrating a mass market freemium tools strategy for all MSP partners. More details to be announced. 

In May, N-able will host several webinars and face-to-face regional seminars throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa highlighting the technical and business features found within N-central 8.0. Live demonstrations will be held at each event. For a complete list of events, please visit

“This is a defining moment in our company’s history and a growth catalyst for our partners’ managed services practices,” concludes Jauvin. 

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