CSA Group launches new business-ready Environmental Solutions

CSA Group, officially announces the launch of its new Environmental Solutions website, a comprehensive online portfolio of environmental management tools and solutions for organizations throughout North America. The new website is a user-friendly resource that provides clients and businesses of all sizes with the tools to help make the development of their environmental management programs cost-effective and efficient.

"CSA Group's Environmental Solutions is a unique resource outlining a wide range of environmental management offerings," says Robert M. Griffin, President and CEO, CSA Group. "The site provides users with easy access to a variety of environmental standards, products, training and services offerings and this is the first time CSA Group's environmental management resources have all been brought together in a single, business-ready format."

CSA Group is providing strategic support for the commercialization of emerging, cleaner technologies in the energy, infrastructure and transportation sectors, as well as leading-edge expertise in climate change solutions. The website highlights CSA Group's environmental expertise and the diversity of products and services available from our various divisions including standards, guidelines, training, advisory services, registries, and personnel certification from CSA Standards, product testing and product certification from CSA International, and performance testing and evaluation services from OnSpeX.

CSA Standards is a leader in standards development and has been instrumental in developing international environmental and carbon management standards. The organization is recognized and respected globally for its standards facilitation work in environmental and carbon management. On behalf of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), CSA Standards holds the Secretariat for the committee that developed the ISO 14000 environmental management and ISO 14064 climate change standards. CSA Standards also manages the Canadian Advisory Committees that provide input to other international environmental standards activities. CSA Standards' GHG registries: CleanStart(TM), and CleanProjects(TM) are excellent tools for helping organizations of all sizes in reducing their carbon footprint, and achieving carbon neutrality.

CSA International laboratories around the world, test and certify a number of existing and emerging environmental technologies, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels, fuel cells, solar domestic hot water heaters and collectors, low-flow bathroom fixtures, LED home lighting, household appliances and other similar products designed to help reduce emissions and water consumption or to conserve energy.

OnSpeX offers product performance testing and evaluation services for the consumer product retail market. It brings together the experience, knowledge, and expertise required to facilitate the efforts of an organization's sustainability team with sustainable building practices, evaluation of alternative fuels, logistics evaluations, packaging design, chain of custody audits, verification and certification of energy management systems.

"The challenge of environmental management is complex, bringing with it promising opportunities, as well as difficult choices," Griffin adds. "Unlocking these opportunities and making the best choices requires new tools, new skills and new knowledge in today's environmentally sensitive economy."

Environmental Solutions includes access to the world's first personnel certification program for climate change professionals, and registration for ISO's greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement and verification standards. It also showcases CSA International testing and certification services for environmental requirements such as Energy Star, WaterSense, Energy Efficiency, Forest Products, solar energy equipment, and fuel cells.

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