Hitachi is Producing Hard Drives Which Are Kinder to the Environment.

Saving Money While Saving Our Planet.

EcoTrac ProductsConsumers are demanding greener, less power-hungry products, which is why Hitachi has developed a range of hard drive models that consume less power but still don’t make any compromises when it comes to performance.

Hitachi reduces hard-drive power consumption
Hitachi desktop drives have incorporated Advanced Power Management capabilities to reduce power consumption, beginning with the Deskstar 120GXP hard drive, which was seven product generations ago. With the introduction of the Deskstar 7K1000.B drive, Hitachi has taken power efficiency one step further while maintaining 7200 RPM performance.

Low-power idle
To save energy, many Hitachi drives are designed to switch to a low-wattage idle power mode if activity pauses for longer periods. Because of this they require smaller power supplies and less cooling which, as well as being friendlier to the planet, may help extend the life of the hard drive, the host product and any other linked devices.

Thermal monitoring
The core temperature of the Hitachi hard disk drive can be monitored intelligently, allowing lower drive temperatures for cooler systems operations.

EcoTrac Products
Hitachi’s new EcoTrac symbol identifies products that deliver on the following principles:
• Lower operating costs through power-efficient design
• Smaller carbon footprint by reducing waste during manufacturing
• Safe product disposal through a reduction of toxic materials
• Creation of a sustainable environment through conservation of natural resources in packaging and transportation

HiVERT™ technology
Hitachi Voltage Efficiency Regulator (HiVERT) technology developed by Hitachi, brings new levels of power efficiency for 2.5-inch (and some 3.5-inch) hard disk drives. Working together with other power management tools, HiVERT reduces the power draw of key hard drive electrical components by 30% over the previous generation, and dissipates heat more quickly too.
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Hitachi offers customers a comprehensive product portfolio unsurpassed in the industry‚ including 2.5-inch (up to 500GB capacity), and 3.5-inch (up to 1TB capa city) hard disk drive storage devices and solutions for a broad range of market segments. These HDDs are available through Hitachi GST's authorized distributors in Canada - ASI, Bell Microproducts and Synnex. For more information on Hitachi hard drives in Canada, please contact Hitachi Country Manager at

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