SATO Enhances Feature-Rich GL4e Series Printers

SATO America, Inc., a global leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, announced two new released features for its GL4e Series thermal printer. As an RFID-ready printer, and leading performance in its price range; SATO’s GL4e now features two new options – an internal label rewinder and the dispense option which includes internal liner rewind.

The internal label rewinding design affords the rewinding of printed labels and tags onto the internal rewind spindle as a removable full roll. It is ideal for large run, batch printing applications and accommodates labels up to 5 inches wide.

The dispenser option features an internal rewind mechanism that presents printed labels without the liner. This internal rewind component affords the operator to effectively and safely rewind the backing material as labels are dispensed by the printer.

These new featured options of the GL4e Series continue the SATO tradition of customer-centric product design and development. The GL4e Series offers greater flexibility of operation than competitive units nearly twice its price. Field-upgradeable to UHF RFID thermal printer along with its inclusion of the industry-leading remote printer management utility tool, SATOnet CONNECT™, the GL4e Series distances itself from others with standard features such; as tri-port communication interface protocols of RS232C serial, IEEE1284 high-speed parallel and USB 2.0 or the optional LAN and 802.11g empowers the user to conform the printing solution exactly to their needs. Further separating itself from competitive product will be the SATO GL4e Series printer’s unique abilities in emulating other thermal printer languages.

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