Aspen Optics Launches Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC to Enable Switches Without SFP Ports to Become Bi-Directional Ready

Plug and expand fiber network using existing equipment, or plug and double fiber network capacity, it is as simple as that with Geebic BiDi GBIC. It is a valuable solution to speed up the implementation of FTTX.

Aspen Optics is launching an innovative BiDi GBIC to “Plug and Expand” fiber network. Carrier-class Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC can instantly enable bi-directional transmission on older switch models without SFP ports from major manufactures. It turns a 1Gbit into 2Gbit circuit using four Aspen Optics bi-directional GBICs, doubling the fiber capacity to 2Gbit by using existing fiber. The usage lifetime of switches can therefore be greatly extended as well as the need to lay costly additional fiber.

Fiber broadband is gaining popularity nowadays, but many users have previously deployed switches with older technology GBIC ports. Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC makes use of GBIC ports that is more abundantly available on older switch models. End users can therefore fully utilize their port resources and enjoy high speed fiber broadband from old equipment, or free-up existing circuits up to 50%.

While some vendors in the market may recommend customers to buy new equipment when they have used up SFP ports or their switches have only GBIC ports available, Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC can offer a more cost-effective option. Geebic Bi-directional transceivers help users to utilize the same optical fiber for both transmission and reception functions. This allows the network to free up bandwidth for other applications, doubling the capacity compared with single direction connectivity.

Plug and expand fiber network using existing equipment, or plug and double fiber network capacity, it is as simple as that with Geebic BiDi GBIC. It is a valuable solution to speed up the implementation of FTTx.

“Telecom operators especially were amazed with this product because they often have areas of their network that have been maxed-out in terms of fiber and many of these circuits are connected utilizing ‘GBIC only’ equipment. They had no idea in the past that they could expand the circuit and, most importantly, keep their old equipment at the same time. So we are very pleased with the customer feedback on this product. Customers can now enjoy increased network capacity on their fiber network and investment protection on current equipment’, said David Whitney, Managing Director of Aspen Optics.

Today, many operators are targeting aggressive market penetration in FTTH (Fiber to the Home), they need speedy solutions to innovate and expand the network. This is possible with Aspen Optics products that allow easy upgrade of existing network equipment for optical transmission to create a significant increase in capacity of optical infrastructure.

With Geebic BiDi GBIC, end users can enjoy high quality optical service at a lower cost and telecom operators can keep up with increasing customer demand with lightning fast deployments.

The deployment of Aspen Optics products makes it easy and cost-effective to fulfill the rapid expansion of FTTH. While other vendors may need 4 to 6 weeks time for product delivery, Aspen Optics manages it within a couple of days. This is crucial for timely network expansion in today’s highly competitive market.

Aspen Optics ( ) is a renowned provider of optical network connectivity products. Catering to the needs of global telecom operators, network system integrators and distributors, Aspen Optics product line includes MetroBlazer™ switches, concentrators and media converters, as well as Geebic branded SFP and optical transceivers. Aspen Optics has more than 6 years experience in offering clients high quality, carrier-class tested products benefiting from its significant investment in an in-house testing facility in Hong Kong. Today, many of the most prominent telecoms and world class enterprises rely on the performance and reliability of Aspen Optics products in their mission critical networks. Aspen Optics is currently growing its distribution and resellers network in Europe, Latin America, India and other new markets, after establishing sales channels in USA, The Middle East and Africa.

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