Zebra Technologies’ Thermal Printers Improved Security at Super Bowl

Glendale Fire Department has contracted with RockWest Technology Group to implement Salamander Technologies’ rapidTAGTM solution inside the 63,400-seat stadium and its fireTRAXTM solution on the grounds surrounding the site. Both solutions are fully compliant with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) directive for standardization of communications and protocols required to handle emergency response and disaster management personnel and equipment.

According to Steve Benitez, Vice President of Sales for RockWest, the Zebra TLP 3844-Z thermal printer provides the performance and versatility needed for the job. “Our Salamander accountability systems require different types of bar coded tags to be created quickly right at the scene. These include site access and ID tags for emergency response personnel, emergency equipment ID tags, and wristband IDs for potential patients or evacuees,”

Benitez explains. “The Zebra desktop model TLP 3844-Z can handle all three types of media interchangeably, with speed and efficiency. Plus, they are compact enough to fit inside our portable incident management kits, rugged enough to withstand heavy use, and simple enough for non-technical personnel to use in the field.”

Salamander Technologies’ rapidTAG solution will provide on-scene site passes of authorized personnel to control site access and ensure identification and accountability of emergency responders. The system uses a scanner to capture ID data from each individual’s driver’s license and other credentials indicating the person’s agency, assignment, and qualifications.

The data are stored in the incident management database, and the Zebra printer prints out a 3-inch by 5-inch, custom-designed bar coded pass. RockWest Technology Group will use genuine Zebra™ supplies for this application and many of its solutions that involve thermal printing. The site passes are inserted into a clear plastic enclosure designed to be worn around the neck so they can be scanned at any time and at any checkpoint. Using the rapidTAG solution, the authority in charge of the event life safety and security – in this case, the Glendale, Arizona Fire Department, “It is important to note,” says Joseph Robinson, VP Marketing and Sales for Salamander Technologies, “that our partner RockWest worked very closely with the Glendale Fire Department to set up a system that will be able to identify and track exactly who is at the site, what their function is, where they are located or assigned, and when they arrive at and depart specific areas.”

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