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Instagram 3.0 adds location-based Photo Map

The first version of Instagram was all about creating a simple mobile photo sharing experience. Then its second focused on improving various aspects of the first iteration of Instagram, mainly making it faster and easier to use. With this third version, Instagram 3.0, the company is now trying to tell the story behind your photographs.

The new featured, Photo Map, relies on geotagging, pinning your Instagram photographs to a specific location within Google maps. Adding this new way to view photos is also the companyís first step towards creating a legitimate business model. By arranging photos into collections based on location, Instagram now has the opportunity to include sponsored photos, giving the company a real revenue stream, something that they currently donít have.

Photo map allows users to select which location pinned photos they want to make visible to the public. If you have a number of photos from a specific geographical area, they show up as a small cluster. You can tap and zoom in order to see more detailed location-based information regarding where your photographs were actually taken. Users can also view their friends Photo Mapís and have the option to totally ignore the entire feature if they want to.

When you first launch the new app youíre given the option to select what previously geotagged photos you want to add to your Photo Map. So if you havenít been geotagging past photos, your new map will end up looking very empty.

Instagramís photo feed also loads ten times faster than the older version and includes unlimited scrolling, auto loading your entire Instagram feed and removing the load more button that was present in previous versions. However, the Android version of the application still seems to take a significant amount of time to launch. Offensive comments can also now be reported to Instagram moderators.

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