For iOS developers and Facebook, New Zealand is the New Canada

iOS Developers are no longer treating Canada as a test bed for their next mobile app.

According to technology investor Chris Dixon it is a common practice among iOS game developers is to do alpha release only in New Zealand.


New Zealand is representative of US demographically and thanks to the 8,000 mile flight relatively isolated with regards to social networks and press coverage.

New Zealand is a smaller sample size with a population of 4.4 million versus goliath Canada with 34.4 million inhabitants.

RRE Ventures Principal Adam Ludwin confirmed Dixon's hypothesis stating that over half of companies he works have recently done this. Ludwin tweets, "there are 500,000 iPhones in New Zealand neatly contained on an English-speaking island far from the U.S."

This practice doesn't stop with mobile developers, according to TechCrunch's Josh Constine Facebook tests controversial products in New Zealand because the user network is isolated so mentions of major changes don't scare others.

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