Thermaltake Black Element cyclone gaming mouse

Gamers look for a different kind of gaming mouse that they are comfortable with. While there might be different preferences for gamers when it comes to such peripherals, what all gamers donít want is playing with a mouse full of sweat. Thatís right, getting into the heat of the action can sometimes causes sweaty hands that leads to a slippery mouse. Thermaltake tries to remedy this by coming up with the Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse.

The Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse is the worldís first gaming mouse armed with its own cooling system. It features a small but powerful fan that keeps the gamerís hands dry even with all that tension playing the game. The fan is detachable so that gamers may have the option of taking it out when not in need. This gaming mouse comes with a DPI 6500 Laser Sensor Engine and an ergonomic design for excellent comfort when used. Military grade coating on the mouse ensures that gamers always have a firm grip when using it. The Thermaltake Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse is expected to come out any time soon although no pricing details have been provided yet.

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