The Point and Click Dictionary

Reading can be considered a great adventure as it has the ability to transport people to other places, settings and experiences based mainly on their imagination. But part of the process is enhanced by better comprehension and understanding of the words. But there are times when a reader gets stumped on a certain word and may require opening a dictionary to get the meaning of it. For those who wish to have some added convenience, they can instead rely on the Point and Click Dictionary to find the meaning to a certain word.

The Point and Click Dictionary is a unique portable device that allows users to search for the meaning of a word without having to open a huge dictionary. This device is a pocket-sized scanner that can instantly look up for a word and display its meaning. It features a flip-up camera that scans any word at a touch of a button. After that, the device instantly displays the definitions, word etymology and other related words on the 2.4-inch touchscreen LCD of the device. A built-in speaker can also provide audible word pronunciations for further guidance.

The Point and Click Dictionary is a handy tool that comes with storage of over 500,000 word definitions. It also offers word translations to and from several languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German. The device also comes with an integrated mp3 player, a voice recorder and a picture viewer. The Point and Click Dictionary is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$280.

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