ibiz10 Takes VARS To The Next Level With Version 9.2

ibiz10, the makers of the enterprize-class e-commerce solution for IT VARS, just raised the bar again with version 9.2. It is a minor but significant upgrade of some very important best-practise functionality in its search performance. Users can now use point and click to navigate through a comprehensive range of product attributes to quickly find the best-fit results.

ibiz10 solution already delivers a full-suite of functionality to allow any VAR to do best-in-class business online, however, from an end-user perspective, it needed some enhancements to help them filter down search results by using a wider range of attributes. The new upgrade just delivered this as well as a few other new features. ibiz10 is really far ahead of all other competitive solutions as it delivers the VARS a more effective online tool to market, sell, quote as well as buy from suppliers" comments Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet and its ibiz10 e-commerce business unit. 

Included in this upgrade is a more Google-friendly SEO functionality to get picked up by the Google search web crawlers as well as a deeper integration with service automation providers such as Autotask. In reality, the functionality never stops growing in ibiz10. There is a road map to take this to the very best e-commerce solution in the market. Soon it will be announcing more mobile device accessibility to an enhanced shopping experience. Most of these enhancements are upgraded for free to all subscribers.

This is important for VARS because the vast majority must improve their online presence. In today's world, a company's web site is their most important business image. How often do you visit a company's web site before you do business with them to get a perception of who they are? This holds true even more for VARS as they are in the technology sector and should be able to leverage technology to a much higher degree.

At the recent ChannelNEXT event, ibiz10 outlined the seven main reasons why VARS use their solution:

1. Allow reseller to source information, availability and price on over 800,000 IT products in real-time, from one web portal. Ingram Micro, Tech Data and Synnex are all fully integrated. Saves VARS lots of time from accessing each individual distributor web portal.

2.Process and track orders automatically with distributors in real-time. Back orders, serial numbers and tracking information is automatically managed so there is a lot less running around to get order status updates. 

3. Generate real-time sales quotes and orders for end-users. A huge time saver for sales reps to produce sales quotes for their clients from any web access so no need to travel back to the office to get the job done. With its ease of use, quotes can be quickly generated and allow the client to review, approve and check out product specs online.

4. Provide customized B2B e-procurement portals for large end-users. A great way to entrench a business relationship deeper with a larger client is to get them to buy everything from their personalized web portal 24/7. Big clients can browse, quote, buy, track assets and manage all transactions from their "My Account". The convenience and 24/7 accessibility to all order history keeps them locked to the VAR.

5. Offer a World-Class web store with automatic up-sell and cross-sell. Market and sell to customers 24/7 anywhere. Once you drive your customers to your web store, they will easily find and buy more items than you ever considered. It all adds up to bigger profits for no additional effort. Some of the top sellers include basics like toner and ink cartridges for printers.

6. Help resellers market their businesses online. Leveraging social media networks, search engine optimization, shop-comparison sites, e-newsletters, deal of the day promotions, banner ad exchange and so much more, and convert these marketing activities intoactual sales. Plus it makes a VAR project a bigger and more professional business image.

7. Integrate with Service Automation solutions like Autotask. Use the ibiz10 as the HUB to manage all of your customers and generate sales quotes for both products and services, then automatically "push" the service opportunities into Autotask for processing. With ibiz10 and Autotask, you have a complete solution to offer both products and services together.

Lee adds "We are really excited about this upgrade cause it is what our customers were asking for. Right now, ibiz10 will deliver an outstanding experience to both the VAR and their customers. Helping the VARS to save a lot of time doing quotes and orders as well as marketing their business to drive more sales is what ibiz10 is all about.

ibiz10 has produced a 26-page quick guide to help its customers to implement best-practices that it has learned from its customers' experiences over the past 10 years. It will help new VARS to enter the online world without making costly mistakes and implement a better online business strategy. There are many VARS out there still contemplating expanding their business online to leverage the benefits of this space. As the next generation enters the workplace, they will demand robust online shopping and information resources from their reseller. VARS will have to be where their customers will be and take care of their needs or stand the risk of being ignored by the next wave of buyers.

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