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TechnoPlanet Partners with Grabil Technologies To Help Apple Resellers Grow Profits

After reviewing the results from the Apple Reseller Summit and AppleEXPO events over the past 5 years, it is clear that Apple Resellers must leverage more third-party products, solutions and services to drive more profits into their businesses. They will have to shift dependence on Apple to themselves. Apple Resellers can easily market and sell thousands of third-party products and services that work with Apple computers, iPads and iPhones. Managed Services, Cloud Computing and other leading edge services will also be part of the opportunity. Resellers can do this without the support of Apple and without trampling on their current authorization agreements.

With the recent closing of Light Computers Centre in Hamilton after 28 years in business, the resellers may finally see the urgency to reinvent themselves if they want their share of the Apple pie. Already some Apple resellers are expanding to exploit the growing market. Simply Computing has added several new stores in Western Canada. IStore of Montreal has opened locations in several airports. Computer System Centre has opened Jumpplus retail stores. There are several success stories from Apple Resellers who are willing to evolve their business model.

How will the other Apple Resellers evolve? How will they make profits? As Apple retail outlets and their big-box partners eat away at the channel's market share, resellers will have to find a new way forward before it is too late. Bill Helman, President of Grabil Technologies ( comments "You cannot wait at the train station for your ship to come in... Apple resellers have to find a better way to leverage their key assets (customer base and staff) and not wait any longer."

TechnoPlanet currently works with over 8,000 PC VARS in Canada and 15,000 in USA. It feels it can leverage some of its programs to help Apple Resellers, similar to how it helps PC Resellers. "We spent the past 5 years meeting and listening to the hundreds of Apple Resellers, Apple Vendors and many people at Apple. Now is the time for the remaining Apple Resellers to act with a little help from us and the vendors" comments Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet (

On September 17th, in Toronto, Apple Resellers will be coming together to address this challenge and explore some interesting opportunities to grow their business. It will not be about targeting any specific vertical market or focusing on more B2B opportunities. It will focus on effective marketing and selling more third-party products and services to more Apple users, starting with their existing customer base. Apple Resellers will have to attend the event to learn the full details about these opportunities. Lee adds "Bill Helman has been a third-party Apple Channel Manager for over 20 years and knows most of the Apple resellers like family. Hence his nickname “Uncle Bill”. He understands the challenges that they face on a daily basis and shares our mission to make them more profitable. We are very pleased to collaborate with Bill as a Channel Management partner for this exciting opportunity"

Mr. Helman has been already consulting with many Apple Resellers to get feedback and pave the way for the national meeting on September 17th. The opportunity will focus on helping Apple Resellers to expand their customer base by leveraging a suite of Internet-based tools as well as third-party partnerships to grow their sales and customer base. The "how" will be presented exclusively at the Apple Reseller Summit.

Many vendors will also be at the event to participate in the process as well as network with the resellers to build partnerships as they normally would at the Apple Reseller Summit event. The event promises to be an exciting business opportunity for both resellers and vendors. It is FREE for any Apple Reseller across North America to come explore this opportunity. If they would like to get a head-start, they can contact Bill Helman immediately at 905-982-2610 or e-mail

For Apple Resellers to register for this event please go to

For vendors looking to participate, please request an event information kit by e-mailing

Apple resellers from across North America should attend this event to learn how to differentiate themselves from the competition and plan for a profitable future.

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