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Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims PlayStation 3

PlayStation recently introduced a new gaming category called Minis, which are supposed to a bunch of titles with simple gameplay and compatible with three of Sony’s consoles, in contrast to the console’s grand scale of RPGs and fighting games. One Mini game developer, Dakko Dakko, has been making a kill in this niche category after introducing The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character.

Now it has another PlayStation Mini in the bag called Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims. The game is a 2D shooter built around the player-controlled deity and his quest to protect eight pilgrims through each stage.

Shooting the floating enemies seem easy, until they being to attack your pilgrims who serve as the game’s de facto health bar. The game is over once all pilgrims turn into spirits.

The more enemies the god eliminates, the more “love” the pilgrims give, which the god collects for more powerful attacks. The trick is to let the hearts grow as you chain blast more enemies; but they will disappear quickly if things go quiet. Once the hearts are at its largest, gobble them all up to unleash a fiery wrath on a mini-boss.

Each enemy has its own scheming ways. Paper lanterns spew arcing flames, red-eyed foxes hide in the scenery, imps swoop to snatch poor pilgrims, and bobbing doll heads send out swarms of deadly kisses.

The game looks simple, but its gameplay is very addictive. You can restart the game at any time, especially if you cannot bear to see just one pilgrim fall.

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