Apple Releases own flashback removal tool

Apple has released a utility software for its Mac computers that would remove Flashback, the notorious trojan virus that has crushed the “immunity from malware” myth among Macs.

The software, referred as a Java security update, would disable Java applet executions by default on all browsers, not just on Safari. The catch is that this utility only works on computers running OS X Lion, Apple’s latest operating system.

User can enable this command when needed, like in some online banking sites where Java is mandatory. However, this option would revert back to disabled mode automatically if the applet remains unused for 35 days.

For Macs running on Snow Leopard, Apple offers a separate Flashback removal tool that comes with a patched version of Java.

Apple’s release of own Flashback removal tool comes after several security companies have independently published their own Flashback detection and removal tools.

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