Canon Canada Launches The New imageFORMULA CR-80 And CR-50 Compact Cheque Transport Devices

CR-80 and CR-50 Compact Cheque Transports Expand Canon's Portfolio of Reliable, High-Image Quality, High-Value Scanning Solutions.

Canon Canada Inc. has announced the new imageFORMULA CR-80 and CR-50 Compact Cheque Transports, the latest scanners to complement the Company's growing portfolio of data capture solutions. Successors to the highly regarded Canon CR-55 and CR-25, the new imageFORMULA cheque transports provide faster speeds in easy-to-use, compact solutions, ideal for teller counters, merchant desks, and other space-constrained environments. These devices provide high-quality image capture at first point of presentment for overall reductions in cheque clearing time and expenses.

Building on the successful CR-55, Canon's user-friendly CR-80 produces faster speeds, quickly feeding batches of up to 50 items at a time at speeds of up to 80 cheques per minute (cpm)*. Replacing Canon's CR-25 is the new CR-50 cheque transport which has double the scanning speed of the CR-25 at up to 50 cpm.* Canon's cheque transports save significant processing time without compromising image quality.

"The addition of the imageFORMULA CR-80 and CR-50 to Canon's cheque transport lineup provides banks, credit unions, and other customers the option of compact devices that offer high-quality scanning at faster speeds," said Ian Macfarlane, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Service Operations, Canon Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA. "The CR-80 and CR-50 are ideal for moving paper cheques and related small documents in front-counter teller settings, for merchant or remote deposit capture applications, and for low-volume remittance processing."

When dealing with financial transactions, poor quality data capture can result in risks such as incorrect account postings and item returns. By building on Canon's optical technology expertise, the CR-80 and CR-50 deliver sharper images resulting in better OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy, through new features such as Fine Text Filtering. These features are ideal when handling hard-to-capture, busy-background documents such as money orders. These reliable solutions include MOCR (Magnetic Optical Character Recognition), which uses a patented magnetic head for high-precision MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) reading, complemented by OCR, for a higher level of accuracy. This capability ensures high read rates that mitigate risks associated with digitizing cheques.

An easy-open body cover makes it simple to perform basic maintenance and error recovery tasks, such as changing the CR-80 and CR-50 imprinter's ink cartridge, clearing jams, and cleaning the scanning glass. In addition, these devices include a low ink level alarm, and a logging tool that can be used to track diagnostic information.

In keeping with Canon's commitment to the environment, the CR-80 and CR-50 meet ENERGY STARŪ guidelines for energy efficiency, and comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives for reduction of hazardous substances and waste products. To better facilitate integration into environments where work space is at a premium, the CR-80 and CR-50 are compatible with a new platform-top cover accessory developed by Star Micronics. This accessory holds either the CR-80 or CR-50 devices securely in place atop the Star Micronics FVP-10 thermal receipt printer, creating a combined solution with an extremely small footprint. This enables tellers to accomplish cheque scanning and receipt printing in a single step, and conserves valuable counter space at teller windows. This platform top cover accessory is available through authorized Star Micronics distributors.

The Canon CR-80 and CR-50 Compact Cheque Transports are available immediately through all authorized Canon Canada resellers at a manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRPs) of $1,300 and $1,010 respectively.

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