New Smartphone App Promises to Revolutionize Entertainment and Production Industry

Mobile Imagination, LLC which manufactures business productivity applications for smartphones, is launching an application that will revolutionize the entertainment and production industry. The new smartphone application, doddle, will put the world’s productivity resources in the palm of your hand. Initially designed for iPhone, the “it” phone for the production industry, doddle promises to transform the lives of production professionals – from movies and television to audio, and video production segments – by giving them the unique ability to plan, communicate with, and manage their workforce from their smartphone throughout the creative process. It’s a doddle!

No more wasting countless hours frantically searching through antiquated and cumbersome production guides or squandering precious time schlepping to an office to fax call sheets and call disconnected equipment rental shops. In short, doddle makes it possible to work the way you do, “On the go”. This extraordinary app is revolutionizing the production industry, letting professionals spend less time chained to a desk and more time in the field where the magic is created.

“doddle is for anyone that touches the production industry. doddle is especially great when you go and shoot on location and you don’t know anyone because it allows you to find all the resources that area has to offer…easily,” said Jim Robertson. Jim has worked for 20 years in the production industry and dreamed up doddle during a particularly frustrating shoot. “There are online production directories, but doddle goes light years beyond those to give production professionals the tools and refreshable data access to make their jobs swifter and saner, giving them more brain cells to devote to creating better art.”

doddle will allow industry professionals to search for vendors and freelancers instantly with their growing comprehensive interactive production guide, initially throughout the U.S., and eventually, throughout the world. Once a user has located the listing(s) of their choice, they will be able to communicate and collaborate with that entity using all the technology the mobile device has to offer. Producers can plan and manage their own creative workforce through the creation and instant distribution of their interactive “call sheets,” which includes all the necessary information for the cast and crew, including shoot locations, applicable weather/lighting conditions, contact information for set personnel, local resources, hospitals, restaurants, and any other vital information. Unlike static call sheets, doddle’s “interactive call sheets” will link and map to key addresses, locations, and everybody touching the set.

“For optimum performance, we want to populate the site with up-to-date resources and contacts said Mobile Imagination Principle and Founder and start-up guru Richard Kwiat. “For this reason, we are offering production industry professionals at all levels to post a listing for free; vendors, crew, talent, as well as production service providers such as caterers, lawyers, retail shops, consultants, transportation providers, equipment rental companies, hospitality and many more. It takes just five minutes and it’s free. It’s one of the few instances in life where you really get something great for nothing.”

Basic listings on doddle are free, and premium listing opportunities are available for a nominal advertising fee. Those wishing to post a listing just need to visit and fill out a quick and easy form. doddle executives encourage production industry professionals, vendors, talent, film commissions and anyone that works in the industry to post their listings as soon as possible so that they are included in the application’s database for the official launch at the NAB show scheduled for April 12th, 2010.

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