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The 2008 Reseller Choice Awards… And, the Winners are…

System Builder Choice AwardReseller Choice AwardDistributor Choice Award

Canadian Resellers vote for The System Builders Choice Award, The Distributor Choice Award, and The Reseller Choice Award for Best Vendor each year. The Awards are produced in collaboration with e-ChannelNews, ecnTV and CRN Canada.

Vendors who win these awards truly deserve your business. Hopefully this will urge the vendors who did not perform well to raise their game in 2009. Often vendors ask themselves how they can improve to do better with the channel. The answer is quite simple - listen to enough resellers and evaluate how you can make improvements based on their suggestions.

We should also note that it is possible for a vendor to be actually doing better in a specific area than these votes reflect. The voting reflects the actual perception of the resellers. As we all know, perception is reality. If a vendor feels that they should have been rated much better, then they should consider generating better awareness of their strengths in the channel. Vendors have to improve on their weaknesses and ensure that the channel is fully aware of their strengths!

Here are the results for the three Choice Awards for 2008…

For Best Distributor 2008, the Distributor Choice Award goes to…
Distributor Choice Award

Tech Data Wins Best Distributor
Tech Data is Winner of
ECN Distributor Choice Awards
For Best Distributor 2008, the Distributor Choice Award goes to Tech Data for the second year in a row. Rounding out the top three, Ingram Micro took second place by a hair (4,398 points) over Synnex (4,392 points) in a race so close that statistically, it is a tie for second place.

"We are delighted to once again be recognized by the Canadian reseller community. This award is validation that our efforts in support of our many business partners have not gone unnoticed and that they are appreciated. I'm extremely proud of the TD Canada team and I know I can speak for them when I extend a heartfelt thank you to all our customers for this wonderful recognition." Commented Rick Reid, President of Tech Data Canada.

Here are the 2008 top 10 Distributors.

1. Tech-Data
2. Ingram Micro
3. Synnex
4. Supercom
5. Simple Technology
6. Bell Micro
7. Elco Systems
9. Interad Weston
10. Arrow Electronics

Hundreds of resellers voted for their favourite distributor in each of 20 categories - Price, Channel Ethics, Events, Delivery, Drop-Shipping, Easy-to-Deal With, E-commerce, Expertise, Field Sales Reps, Innovation, Inside Sales Team, Management Responsiveness, Order Accuracy, Product Selection, Returns Policy, Service Offering, Shipping Costs, Stock, Support, and Web Ordering. Collectively, these categories truly measure the total value-proposition of a distributor. Each reseller voted for the distributor on a scale from 1 to 5 for each category and the total points were counted then weighted by the number of votes they received. The more votes that the distributor got meant that the higher their overall score.

Comparing with last year, some distributors did make significant improvements while others let their lead slip away. We should also note that even the distributors that scored highest in some categories, did not get a perfect score. The average for the top 3 distributors over all categories ranged from 3.48 to 4.06, out of a possible 5. There is room for improvement across the board for every distributor.

If you took the top three distributors out of the equation, then Supercom, Simple Technology and Bell Micro did very well! Mobel, D&H and Tomauri all scored very well, but lacked the number of votes to place higher.

Ingram Micro had great performances in Product Selection and Drop Shipping but scored less on Management Responsiveness and Field Representation. Synnex scored great in Shipping Costs and Channel Ethics but slid in Field Representation, Services Offering and Innovation.

Whatever Tech Data did in 2008, they did it right as they lead in nearly every category and with the most votes. It is clear that they put in the effort necessary to at least maintain their strengths and improve on some of their weaknesses from the previous award. Tech Data was strongest in Inside Sales Team, Field Representation, Order Accuracy and Management Responsiveness. Some areas where they showed some decline were Shipping Costs, Stock and Returns Policy.

Supercom scored well in Delivery and Easy to Deal With, but needs improvement in Field Representation and Innovation. Simple Technology did consistently well in most areas but can do better in Web Ordering and E-commerce. Bell Micro did well in Order Accuracy and Inside Sales Team but needs to improve in Web Ordering, Innovation, E-Commerce and Returns Policy.

Avnet and Arrow Electronics showed great strength in Expertise. Avnet was especially strong in Inside Sales Team. Both companies need some work on Web Ordering and E-Commerce. Elco scored very well in most areas except Web Ordering, Drop Shipping, Channel Events and E-commerce. Rounding out the top 10, Interad Weston scored high in Expertise, Inside Sales team, Support, Delivery and Stock but dropped a bit in Field Representation and Web Ordering.

Distributors who improve their organizations based on these 20 categories may win more business, especially as both resellers and distributors scramble for market-share in these difficult economic times. Vendors should also take note as to which distributors are most valued by the resellers so they can base their future partnerships upon the business criteria that best fits their product lines. Twenty-six distributors were nominated for this year’s Distributor Choice Award.

For Best Vendor of 2008, the Reseller Choice Awards goes to…
Reseller Choice Award

Hewlett Packard Wins Reseller Choice Award
HP wins Reseller Choice Awards
Out of 132 nominated Vendors, Hewlett Packard won the number one position of 2008. The VARS voted for their favorite vendor in seven categories including Support, Product, Lead Generation, Partner Web Site, Profitability, Partnership and Channel Program. HP led in most categories.

The top three categories most important to resellers were the vendor’s Channel Program, followed by Partnership and then Product. Profitability was fifth in importance, behind Support. It is clear that Resellers value their vendors on several other criteria beyond price. Vendors who partner at a deeper level and have better relationships with their resellers may outperform their competition in 2009.

Eaton Power Quality gets
Runner up for Best Vendor
Eaton Power Quality Company (Formerly Powerware Canada) came in second and it was a surprise upset to the usual lineup. Since a channel veteran, Jodi Russell joined the company last year, it seems that the resellers have warmed up to the company as it ramped up its branding and program awareness towards the end of 2008. Their great profit margins, good field representation and providing a solid reseller program in the IT power protection sector, may be some of the reasons why the resellers voted heavily for Eaton.

Here are the top 10 Canadian Vendors for 2008:

1. Hewlett Packard
2. Eaton Power Quality
3. IBM
4. Lenovo
5. Intel
6. Lexmark
7. CA
8. Brother
9. Samsung
10. Seagate

Both HP and IBM were very strong in Lead Generation and Partner Programs. Cisco showed strength in Partner Web Site. Eaton’s key strengths were in Profits and Partnership. Apple rated very high in Product. While these vendors came out on top of these categories, other Vendors like Lenovo, Brother, and Samsung are all coming on very strong.

Lenovo showed well in support, but dropped off in Channel Program. Intel did consistently well across the board, but could improve in Support and Partnership. Lexmark did great in Product, but dipped in Partnership, Lead Generation and Channel Program. CA was consistent across all categories, but showed some weakness in Product and Channel Program.

Brother ranked well in Channel Program and Support, but needs some improvement in Partner Web Site and Lead Generation. Samsung scored well in Channel Program and Product, but dipped in Partnership, Lead Generation and Partner Web Site. Seagate did average in most areas but dropped off in Profitability, Support and Lead Generation.

MGE, Targus, Belkin, LG, McAfee, TrippLite, Kyocera, SUN Microsystems, Kaspersky, Websense and Barracuda showed well, but lacked the number of votes to move up.

NuImpact received a significant amount of votes under the Reseller Choice Award. It showed that they were very highly rated by their resellers. Unfortunately, NuImpact had to be disqualified from this award because they are not a vendor. They are a Distributor of memory products. Had these reseller votes been done under the Best Distributor Choice Award, it is quite possible for them to be within reach of a top 10 spot. Regardless, NuImpact scored very well and they are definitely an up and coming distributor.

The 2009 Reseller Choice Award will be expanded beyond Best Overall Vendor to include Best Desktop, Best Server, Best Notebook, Best Printer, Best Display and more.

For the Best System Builder OEM Vendors 2008, the SBCA winners are…
SBCA Award

LG Best Display
Best Display is LG
Best Display is LG Electronics Canada Inc.
#2 Samsung Electronics Canada
#3 Acer

Supercom is Best Distributor
Best Distributor is Supercom
#2 Ingram Micro
#3 Synnex

Best DVD/CD Drive is LG Electronics Canada Inc.
#2 Samsung Electronics Canada
#3 Pioneer Electronics

Best Hard Disk/Capacity is Seagate Technology
#2 Western Digital Corp.
#3 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

Best Hard Disk/Performance is Western Digital Corp.
#2 Seagate Technology
#3 Fujitsu Canada

Best Keyboard/Mouse Combo is Logitech
#2 Microsoft
#3 Belkin

Best Memory Modules is Kingston Technology Corp.
#2 Corsair Memory
#3 Mobel Electronics

Asus wins for best Motherboard
AsusTek wins best Motherboard
Best Motherboard is AsusTek Computer Inc.
#2 Intel
#3 MSI (Micro-Star International)

Best Network Interface Card is D-Link Canada Inc.
#3 SMC Networks

Microsoft is Best OEM Software
Microsoft wins for Best OEM Software
Best OEM Software is Microsoft
#2 Corel
#3 Red Hat Foundation

Best Power Supply and
System Case goes to Antec
Best Power Supply is Antec
#2 Enermax
#3 FSP/Sparkle Power

Best Processor is Intel Corporation
#2 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Best SCSI HBA is Adaptec
#2 LSI Logic
#3 Promise Technology

Best Sound System is Creative Labs, Inc
#2 Voyetra Turtle Bleach
#3 3D Labs

Best Speaker System is Altec Lansing Tech. Inc.
#2 Logitech
#3 Creative Labs, Inc

Best System Case is Antec Incorporated
#2 In Win Development
#3 Chenbro

Best Video System is AMD
#2 Nvidia Corp.
#3 Sapphire Technology

Antec gets interviewedWhile the system builder’s sector continues to face pressure as pricing for brands continues to drop, the usual vendor market leaders are holding their ground while locking out other vendors.

LG won for best display, but Samsung is not far off as they gained some ground from last year. Acer is also coming on strong. Viewsonic was fourth as it lost some ground from last year.

Supercom took the number one spot for Best System Builder Distributor, with Ingram Micro moving into the number two spot and Synnex dropping to third place. Tech Data came in fourth, followed by Bell Micro, Elco Systems, Samtack and Comtronic respectively.

Kingston won for Memory beating Corsair by a solid margin. Mobel was third. Nuimpact came in a close fourth, followed by Crucial and then Rhinomac.

Asus Tech won for the best motherboard by a huge margin followed by Intel. The other vendors were significantly behind these two market leaders.

D-Link took the number one spot by a strong margin but Netgear is gaining some ground followed closely by SMC. 3COM was fourth, Linksys was fifth and gaining some ground.

Intel won over AMD again with a broader margin than last year. Adaptec also took the number one spot by a large margin from second place LSI logic with Promise technology following closely.

Antec took the number one spot for Best System Case by a solid margin over InWin and ChenBro. Cooler Master is starting to gain some ground as it came in fourth place.

AMD took a commanding lead for the Best Video System followed by Nvidia. Other vendors followed well behind these two market leaders.

Ninety-five System Builder Vendors were nominated for this year’s System Builders Choice Award. Over 100 System Builders voted for their best vendor in each of the 17 categories.


We would also like to thank all of the Resellers and System Builders who took the time to vote this year. Your votes truly count and it should motivate your suppliers to do better in serving your needs in the future. The 2009 Choice Awards will be back at the end of the year and we look forward to your participation once again. We appreciate your effort to vote and we are pleased to announce the Awards’ prizewinners for this year:

Brenda Wilkins of WhiteHat Inc. (CorelDRAW, WPO X4, Painter Essentials 4, PSP, VideoStudio, PA7)

Leo Lowe of Xwave (CorelDRAW, WPO X4, Painter X, PSP, VideoStudio)

Mark Berube of Groupe TID inc. ($250 Petro Canada Gas Card)

Steve Czeck of Empyrion Technologies Inc. (Corel WINDVD 9, DVD Copy, WPO X4, WinZip)

Susan Kurta of Digica Solutions (TalkSwitch 284vs IP PBX Phone System - MSRP $1475.00 and 2 TS-200 Phones - MSRP $155.00ea)

We would also like to offer a special thanks to the following vendors for sponsoring this year’s Reseller Choice Awards Prizes. Please check these special vendors out!


See you next year!

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