Racemi Launches Formal Partner Program for Systems Integrators and Managed Service Providers

Racemi, the cloud migration technology leader, launched its formal partner program targeted at systems integrators and managed service providers who need to deliver a seamless cloud transformation experience for their clients. For partners to ensure a smooth, pain-free and profitable journey to the cloud, workloads and applications must be securely migrated with speed, efficiency, quality and minimal disruption to business operations. Racemi helps organizations rapidly migrate workloads to the cloud by providing a technology-driven approach to discovery, migration and workload optimization. As a result, Racemi partners are able to deliver faster results, accelerating cloud ROI.

DXC Technology and Racemi have a strategic relationship with DXC investing in joint solutioning with Racemi to accelerate the development of migration automation tools. "As DXC clients look to demonstrate the improvements in operational agility associated with the cloud, we selected Racemi to accelerate public cloud-ready application migration. Critical to success of this segment of our Digital Transformation Program is the ability to demonstrate how quick and easy migration can be," said Dan Hushon, chief technology officer at DXC Technology. "By creating a strong solution with Racemi, built on their decade of experience and industry-leading technology, DXC can focus on our core competencies: applying our world-class expertise to guide clients from strategy to implementation and automated operational management, including tackling applications that require a substantial degree of optimization before they can be moved to the cloud."

New Leadership and Focus
The force behind this change is Racemi's new chief executive officer Steven Horwitz. Horwitz took the helm earlier this year and began implementing a partner-first approach to a leading technology company that has migrated more than 70,000 workloads since 2009. He brings more than 30 years of executive leadership experience to the role, with expertise in go-to-market strategies as well as building and transforming business models. Horwitz understands solution consulting through his leadership of tech-enabled cloud services integrators and numerous software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

"I'm excited by the enormous market opportunity for Racemi. As companies move applications out of their data centers and into the cloud, we know they rely on partners to help them be successful," said Horwitz. "Racemi is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend, as the most experienced technology provider in discovery, migration and optimization for cloud enablement. My objective is to build on that foundation by creating a robust partner ecosystem that broadens our reach, and expands our product portfolio beyond Amazon Web Services into additional public cloud offerings."

Cloud Migration Opportunity for Partners
In February, IDC reported that cloud spending had grown nearly 25 percent since 2016, a rate nearly seven times faster than traditional IT spend. By 2020, 68 percent of the cloud workloads will be in public cloud data centers, up from 49 percent in 2015, according to Cisco's Global Cloud Index. At the same time, 451 Research found that more than two-thirds of organizations consider service providers to be "strategically important" to digital transformation. 

In Racemi's decade of experience, it estimates that 70 percent of an enterprise's application portfolio is suitable for re-hosting, a process that enables applications to move to the cloud faster and at a far lower cost. This includes applications such as CRM, HCM, e-commerce and the inventory of home-grown legacy applications and databases. Momentum around cloud migration has also increased because public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services offer a path to rapid compliance for large enterprises which are facing increasing regulations around data security.

"Migrations to cloud have reached a point of maturity where migration tools and methodologies are reducing the level of effort required to migrate," said Josh Hofmann, global head of Amazon Web Services partner ecosystem. "Racemi has been an Advanced AWS ISV partner focused on helping our partner ecosystem scale their migration offerings. Their channel first strategy aligns closely with our own strategy at AWS of building a strong partner community that helps customers efficiently migrate to AWS."

Forrester Research asserts that the biggest cost of moving legacy applications to new public clouds is the people involved in executing the shift. By Forrester's estimates, the cost of public cloud is relatively small compared to the much larger cost of labor involved, which accounts for more than 50 percent of total migration costs. The analyst firm also notes that these labor costs decline over subsequent projects as teams become familiar with the work involved. Therefore, it can be argued that outsourcing cloud migration projects to experienced experts would dramatically reduce costs and accelerate ROI from cloud transformation.

"Traditional methods take too much time, require too many resources and involve disruptions that cost clients revenue," said Scott Mewett, chief technology officer for Racemi. "Often bigger consulting firms want to start with the largest and most complex workloads first– revising and rebuilding applications for the cloud – which can delay moving cloud-ready applications and ultimately impact an organizations time to benefit from the cloud. We recommend that partners show clients that cloud transformation doesn't have to be so hard. Instead, start with quick, successful transitions that build support for bigger cloud initiatives – don't let your clients lose confidence in the cloud."

Discovery, Migration and Optimization
Racemi's DynaCenter technology automates the migration of server workloads with minimal downtime and disruption. DynaCenters' secure, policy-based technology, engineered for the enterprise, supports continuous syncing between source and target environments during the migration process. Data is constantly in sync until the application or workload is finally cut over to the cloud, avoiding costly data loss situations. In a cloud transformation journey, Racemi can assist in three important phases:

Discovery: Racemi analyzes and identifies applications and workloads that are best suited for re-hosting – a process considered rapid rationalization – and begins migrating cloud-ready applications immediately.

Migration: Racemi uses its DynaCenter technology to automate the live capture of server workloads and move them to the cloud with near-zero downtime. DynaCenter also supports in-flight customizations and configurations for both workloads and target environments removing the risk of error-prone manual efforts. 

Optimization: Racemi performs real-time workload optimization throughout the migration process to ensure optimal performance and security in the new cloud environment.

New Partner-friendly Pricing Structure
Starting immediately, Racemi will offer partners five different pricing bundles to ensure that it can meet the needs of various customers and still offer its migration technology at an affordable price. These bundles are priced per server and start at $675 per workload, which includes migration services and technology, plus project management.

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