BeyondTrust Expands Portfolio of Trusted Identity and Access Management Partners

BeyondTrust, the leading cyber security company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorized access, announced new partnerships with CIS, GoSecure and XMS Solutions, aimed to help more customers prevent privilege misuse and stop unauthorized access. As BeyondTrust partners with top-tier organizations with proven track records of successful joint identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM)deployments, customers can accelerate deployment results, speed time to value, reduce ongoing costs and improve efficiencies.

Partnerships like those announced today help customers navigate an ever-evolving threat landscape with greater confidence and help prevent hacks, as currently 80 percent of hacks involve privileged credentials. CIS, GoSecure and XMS Solutions will offer BeyondTrust solutions in the cloud, allowing organizations to leverage the combined expertise of both BeyondTrust and the trusted partner in PAM and IAM deployments.

“Computer Integrated Services (CIS) is proud to add solutions from BeyondTrust as a strategic technology in our portfolio. CIS has prided itself on developing partnerships with manufacturers that offer best of breed solutions for over 21 years, and after an extensive amount of research from our internal subject matter experts headed up by our CISO Anthony Fama, we have determined that BeyondTrust has clearly established itself as the leader in the PAM space, and is the partner we are hitching our wagon to,” said Todd Hershman, President and Co-Founder of CIS. “PAM and IAM capabilities are more important than ever in today’s environment, with most breaches involving privileges. PAM solutions from BeyondTrust will provide our customers confidence in the prevention and mitigation of these threats. We look forward to providing this world class solution for our clients and working closely with BeyondTrust team in 2017 and beyond.”

“Today’s cloud and virtualized computing environments leave gaps that allow for excessive privileged access and permissions leaving companies at risk,” said Mathieu Grignon, executive vice president, GoSecure.  “Our partnership with BeyondTrust provides our customers with the ability to manage this complex and potentially daunting process.”

“XMS provides tailored IAM and PAM solutions to fit our clients’ individual needs, and recognizes that ‘one size does not fit all.’  It is therefore critical to us that we partner with best-in-class software providers to allow us to achieve success.  We are excited about working hand-in-hand with BeyondTrust to provide our customers with the world-class caliber PAM solutions they expect from XMS,” said Alan West, President and CEO of XMS Solutions.  “The privileged access controls and meaningful, detailed reporting contained in BeyondTrust’s suite of products allows us to deliver on those expectations.”

“BeyondTrust is proud to announce these new partners, which each having a proven track record in identity and access management, allowing us to bring leading PAM and IAM solutions to more organizations than previously possible,” said Joseph Schramm, VP Strategic Alliances, BeyondTrust. “Organizations today know that the threat landscape is dynamic and complex, requiring agility and customization that come at a substantial expense if done in-house. Our PAM capabilities deployed through partners like CIS, GoSecure and XMS Solutions, help customers achieve the security solutions they need in a scalable and cost-effective manner.”

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