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TeraGo Networks announces Partner Program for IT Service Providers

TeraGo Networks, Canada’s leading provider of Fixed Wireless Hi-Speed Internet, is pleased to announce their IT Partner Program, whereby VARs, System Integrators, Interconnects and IT Consultants can work with TeraGo in recommending and implementing flexible, reliable, high-speed connectivity solutions for Canadian businesses and institutions.

We own and operate our national wireless network, offering exceptional high speed Internet to 46 major markets across Canada.

With cloud services, business continuity planning and larger bandwidth requirements becoming a growing part of IT service provisioning, TeraGo Networks can help you and your customers achieve reliable high-speed connectivity and communications to the Internet and VPNs. Our key services are:  

-High Speed Internet with speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps to over 100Mbps, always symmetrical and available in dedicated or burstable configurations.
-Data Networking for WANs and VPNs. 3Mbps to over 100Mbps.
-Internet Redundancy, by having a Secondary Internet Connection that is 100% redundant from other wireline networks
-Voice Services. Implement SIP trunking or IP PRI into a PBX for more flexibility at lower cost.

  All these services are backed by TeraGo’s Service commitment of 99.9% Up Time and Mean Time to Repair of 3 Hours.

TeraGo is ready to support IT Partners throughout the sales process with marketing collateral, education and engagement with our sales and systems engineering teams. We will also pay out referral fees for net new business, new customer locations and annual bonuses.

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