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Route1 Lowers MobiKEY Device cost to $75/unit

– Route1 Inc. (TSXV: ROI), a security and identity management company whose customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, the Department of the Interior, and the Canadian Government, today announced that it has lowered the cost of its Route1 MobiKEY Classic device for the Enterprise from $175.00 per unit, to $75.00 per unit.

According to a report from Verizon, which analyzed hundreds of data breaches in 2010, 63% happened to companies with fewer than 100 employees.

“Security breaches, malware and BlackHat cyberattacks have become very real concerns for businesses of all sizes, not just the Fortune 500 and federal governments,” said Tony Busseri, CEO of Route1. “Cyber criminals have shifted their attention to more vulnerable targets, like small businesses, which now have an urgent need for reliable security and identity management.  We are steadfast in our support of this community, and have accordingly lowered the cost of MobiKEY Classic to $75.00 per device.

Through Route1’s eStore (, businesses of any size can purchase the same cybersecurity, teleworking tools used by both the U.S. and Canadian governments for secure, remote access to critical data files and information.

Route1’s MobiKEY solution – the MobiKEY Classic device and one-year TruOFFICE subscription - is now available for $375 per user, and requires no network changes or additional hardware.

Top Ten Reasons for MobiKEY

1.    Offers remote users exactly the same working experience that they have at their office

2.    No capital investment required – use your existing PC or laptop

3.    Data stays within your network’s perimeter and firewall

4.    Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure

5.    No network changes or reconfiguration required

6.    No additional servers needed

7.    Bandwidth efficient - 20 kbps average bandwidth usage per connected user

8.    No software installation or administrator privileges required on the remote device

9.    Hardware-based, multifactor authentication

10.   No data cache or footprint left on remote PC or device.

The Company’s solution is founded on the principle of assuring the identity of an individual, not a PC, tablet, smartphone or other device. The functionality inherent to Route1’s proprietary platform and software, combined with its MobiKEY device, empowers organizations with proven tools to ensure secure remote user access, identity assurance and multifactor authentication, as well as to maintain the integrity of their critical data.

Using Route1 solutions, remote users benefit from an identical computing experience to when they are onsite, without any risk of breach. No data is stored on the MobiKEY device or permitted to move beyond the organization’s network perimeter, thereby eliminating the risk of cache, file transfer, middleware or footprint on a guest PC. Also important to note, is that MobiKEY protects businesses from the cost of a lost laptop or encrypted USB – both of which are susceptible to breach.

For an initial cost of $75 and $300 for each year of use of the technology, users can now purchase a solution that delivers the peace of mind that as they access company data remotely; they are protected from any external threats.

Visit the Route1 eStore today to purchase your MobiKEY and gain peace of mind that you have protected your business.

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