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McAfee Boosts Channel Partner Profitability with Comprehensive Set of Global Programs

 As part of its continued effort to invest in, grow with and optimize for its channel partners, McAfee today announced the McAfee Profitability Stack which integrates the company's richest profitability programs from around the world into one comprehensive global offering. Designed to deliver maximum partner profitability to accelerate sales, the McAfee Profitability Stack, includes deal registration, incumbency advantage, tiered pricing, teaming plans, rewards and rebates.

"McAfee is committed to delivering new ways to help our partners be more profitable," said Gavin Struthers, senior vice president of worldwide channels at McAfee. "Today, we made a huge leap forward by setting a new profitability standard in the security industry. We will continue to listen to our partners and aggressively evolve our channel programs as part of our relentless pursuit to deliver unprecedented value to them."

Key Highlights

The profitability stack allows McAfee SecurityAlliance partners to earn additional front-end margin, back-end rebates or sales incentives for new or existing business, upselling and cross-selling, as well as for delivering pre-sales business or technical value-add activities. The extensive set of programs that were either enhanced or made available globally include:

Deal Registration: McAfee's largest investment in partner profitability offers deal protection as well as up to 25 per cent of additional margin on top of standard channel margin for partners who secure incremental new business and additional margin for suite upgrades.

Incumbency Advantage: Provides the incumbent partner with additional margin on the first renewal to help them build loyalty through customer retention and to provide competitive advantage when renewing.

Rebates: McAfee pays out millions of dollars each year in the form of rebates to its top channel partners. Partners can now track their earnings potential via a weekly rebate tracking report, allowing partners to make educated business decisions. Also, the Accredited Channel Engineer incentive rebate is now available globally - allowing eligible partners to earn a rebate.

Rewards: Partner sales representatives and engineers can earn cash and prizes for selling McAfee.  New rewards include: $25,000 in quarterly SMB Endpoint Top Performer payouts and $35,000 in Commercial Endpoint Top Performer payouts. Current McAfee rewards participants can now earn up to $500 in referral bonuses for referring their sales colleagues to register and start participating in McAfee rewards.

Teaming Plan: Gives partners deal protection and additional margin for helping to work and close McAfee-found opportunities. Enhancements include the removal of a Teaming Plan threshold to drive additional growth in the commercial market and a streamlined approval process.

Tiered Pricing: Recognizes and rewards Elite and Premier Partners investment in McAfee and as a result these partners earn pricing advantages based on their McAfee SecurityAlliance program level. A new automated pricing process allows distributors to make tiered pricing available to authorized resellers. Additionally, McAfee has introduced discounted (non-standard) tiered pricing worldwide.

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