appzero announces cloud migration partner program for Cloud providers and SIs


appzero announced a cloud migration partner program designed specifically for Cloud providers and the System Integrators (SI) who have practices specializing in moving enterprise applications to those clouds. With its recently released zapp migration capability at the core of the program, appzero slashes the time, labor, and costs associated with migrating production applications to any cloud.

Patent-pending zapp migration automates on-boarding of complex server-side applications to any cloud destination, with no changes to the application. SIs in the program receive training and product on which to build and accelerate cloud migration practices. Cloud providers in this program have access to skilled SIs to move customer applications to the cloud. Enterprise customers find a cost-effective channel for cloud migration.

appzero CEO Greg O’Connor said, “As the enterprise appetite for cloud utilization grows, there remains a huge number of server-side applications that need to be migrated.  Datacenter bound, they stand between the promise and the realization of cloud cost saving and agility. This partner program is designed to revolutionize the economics of cloud on-boarding. The time and labor savings are dramatic; our customers report going from a two week process down to less than a day with zapp.” 

The appzero cloud migration partner program kicks off with the inaugural member, CACI Ltd. Commenting on the partnership, CACI VP and Director Simon Tyrrell said, “appzero brings distinct technological benefits to our business model that are not available elsewhere.  Using appzero automation in our practice will cut great swaths of time spent in tedious, labor-intensive migration work. Our MSP clients, as well as their customers, and our business all benefit from this partnership.”

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