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Intel SSD 530 Series Rebate Promo
Promotion Dates: Until Jan 30th, 2015
Intel is offering the following instant rebates on its popular 530 series SSD's. This promotion is valid till January 30th, 2015 and is subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed.  Vendor Part #   Discount (USD)  SSDSC2BW080A401   $13.00  SSDSC2BW120A401   $15.00  SSDSC2BW180A401   $22.00  SSDSC2BW180A4   $22.00  SSDSC2BW240A401   $30.00  SSDSC2BW240A4   $30.00  SSDSC2BW480A401   $65.00  

Control Multiple PCs with one Keyboard and Mouse
Promotion Dates: Until Jan. 30th, 2015
•   KVM mode controls multiple PCs with one keyboard, monitor and mouse   •   KM mode controls multiple PCs with their own monitors   •   KVM and KM mode can be simultaneously active   •   Audio control independent of the PC controlled by the keyboard and mouse   •   Drag/drop and copy/paste data between computers   Read what our customers have to say!   Learn More and Save 15% Save on Multiplicity KVM or KVM Pro through January 30th   Coupon Code:  MP3163SNGX-XBOX-IELV

Promotion Dates: Until January 31st, 2015
  HP P/N   Description Instant Rebate 712317-001   MICRO GEN8 G1610T ENTRY $125.00  712318-001   MICRO GEN8 G2020T BASE $145.00  742326-S01   HP MICROSVRGEN8 G2020T $80.00  783958-S01   HP MICRO GEN8 E3-1220V2 $180.00  783959-S01   HP MICRO GEN8 $210.00  737649-S01   HP ML10 E3-1220V2 $50.00  783957-S01   HP ML10 E3-1220V2 4GB $75.00  730651-001   ML10 G2130 2GB US SVR $55.00  712329-001   HP ML310EGEN8V2 $12.00  724978-S01   ML310E GEN8 V2 E3-1220V3 $10.00  768729-001   ML310E GEN8 V2 E3-1241 $20.00  

HP Smart Buy Notebook Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Dec 15 to Jan 31 2015
  SKU Instant Rebate   J5P11UT#ABA $20    J5P11UT#ABL $20    J5P13UT#ABA $20    J5P13UT#ABL $20    J5P08UT#ABA $40    J5P08UT#ABL $40    J8U50UT#ABA $200    J8U50UT#ABL $200    J8T99UT#ABA $100    J8T99UT#ABL $100    J8U04UT#ABA $50    J8U04UT#ABL $50    J5Q11UT#ABA $80    J5Q11UT#ABL $80 Specific terms and conditions - Distributor agrees to pass on the discounted Business Notebooks in the Product Eligibility and Offer for purchases of the eligible products made by HP resellers within the promotion period. - Eligible Business Notebooks ordered from resellers before or after the specified promotion period, OR shipped prior to the promotion period, are not eligible to receive the promotion pricing from distribution, excluding the following exception: orders received and processed at distribution within the promotion period and shipped within 14 calendar days of the promotion end-date. Additional documentation is required for all units that ship outside of the promotional window. - If the CAN1/NDP changes during the promotion period, the claim amount will NOT change. - Cross-selling between participating Distributors is not allowed; sales between first-tier partners will not be reimbursed. - Returns are specifically excluded from this promotion. - Reseller MUST choose upfront whether they want the promotion OR other special pricing program from HP (i.e. Big Deal, Public Sector and NMSO pricing or other discount). Distributor representatives MUST inform the inquiring reseller that the product they are purchasing is under promotion and cannot be combined with other pricing or offers from HP. - All standard terms and conditions apply as described in Distributor Rebate Claim Process Standard Terms and Conditions attached to this document. - HP reserves the right to review, modify or discontinue any and/or all aspects of this promotion, including eligibility criteria, without prior notice to the participants. Such change shall be effective the day notification is given to participants. - This promotion is available in Canada only.

Lexmark January Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Jan 31st, 2015
  Model Part #   Rebate MS315dn 35S0160   $70.00 MS415dn 35S0260   $96.00 MS610dn 35S0400   $138.00 MS610dtn 35S0450   $177.00 MS610de 35S0500   $180.00 MS610dte 35S0550   $218.00 MX410de 35S5701   $143.00 MX510de 35S5702   $213.00 MX511de 35S5703   $232.00 MX511dte 35S5941   $282.00 MX511dhe 35S5704   $287.00 CS310n 28C0000   $66.00 CS310dn 28C0050   $88.00 CX310n 28C0500   $120.00 CX310dn 28C0550   $142.00 CX410e 28D0500   $166.00 CX410de 28D0550   $187.00 CX410dte 28D0600   $230.00  

Epson Scanner Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Jan 31st, 2015
V550 photo B11B210201  $30.00 V37 B11B207201  $2.00 V370 B11B207221  $17.00       DS-30 B11B206201  $45.00 DS-40 B11B225201  $34.00 GT-1500 B11B190011  $10.00 DS-510 B11B209201  $35.00 DS-560 B11B221201  $20.00 GT-S80 B11B194081  $40.00 DS-6500 B11B205221  $32.50 DS-7500 B11B205321  $50.00 DS50000 B11B204121  $65.00 DS60000 B11B204221  $130.00 DS70000 B11B204321  $195.00 DS-760 B11B222202  $60.00 DS-860 B11B222201  $120.00

CMR Announces Valentine Day Promotion
Promotion Dates: Until February 14th, 2015
  myReferralindex is a web-based tool modeled after the Net Promoter Score, a customer loyalty metric that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Signing up for the PRO version of myReferralindex enables users to send 500-999 surveys to their customers each month. The PRO version of myReferralindex also comes with customer feedback analytics, social listening, tech support, and training. Since myReferralindex’s inception in 2014, “Do your customers love you?” has been the platform’s tagline. For David Ring, CMR’s Product Marketing Manager, Valentine’s Day was the perfect holiday to include in a promotion. “With this promotion, we’re excited to be giving businesses a chance to enhance their customer experience, and at no cost. myReferralindex enables businesses to quickly obtain valuable feedback from their customers. From there, results are tallied and customers are categorized into three tiers: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors,” said Ring. “The goal of myReferralindex is to identify those customers that love your business and get them to refer your product to others. What better time than around Valentine’s Day to figure out which of your customers love you,” concluded Ring. After customers have been categorized, businesses are given a Referral Index number, mRi. mRi is calculated simply by subtracting the percentage of your Detractors from the percentage of your Promoters. The Valentine’s Promotion stipulates that users who sign up for the PRO version will have free access to their account for one year. To sign up for the PRO version, businesses can go to and set up an account in minutes. To learn more about the product, contact David Ring at - See more at: Computer Market Research has launched a Valentine's Day Promotion for it newest product, myReferralindex. The promotion runs until Febuary 14th and allows businesses to obtain valuable customer feedback by signing up for the PRO version of myReferralindex at no cost.  

Wasp Barcode Technologies Announces Increased Margins and Significant Changes to Partner Program
Promotion Dates:
Wasp Barcode Technologies, a leading provider of small business productivity systems, announces improvementsto its partner program. Offering an unprecedented margin for the IT channel, Wasp is including additional margins for gold and platinum-ranked partners as well as free training. “The future of our success relates directly to our partners’ success,” said Brian Sutter, director of marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies. “The No. 1 request wereceive from our channel partners is help increasing their margins. We wanted toshow our VARs we value their partnerships, which is why we now offer increased margins, free training resources, and educational partner events.” Wasp’s partner program has three levels: WaspLink Premier, Gold, and Platinum. WaspLink Premier enjoys the following benefits: •Marketing support with content SKUs, images and videos •Pre-sales support and VAR team sales support •WaspLink Newsletter •Free Web-training WaspLink Gold Partners enjoy Premier benefits in addition to the following: •10 percent additional discount on all Wasp products and software •Software leads •Live, Web certification training for each product •Dedicated channel account manager WaspLink Platinum Partners enjoy Premier benefits in addition to the following:: •15 percent additional discount on all Wasp products and software •Prequalified, hot software leads •Annual onsite certification partner events •Included in social media campaigns and listing on Wasp website •Dedicated channel account manager “We truly care about the success of our partners and feel we have built one of the top partner programs in the channel,” said Cindy Moffitt, channel sales manager, Wasp Barcode Technologies. “To further prove our commitment to our partners, we are substantially increasing their margins. Now, our top partners can expect to make upwards of 35 percent margins on our products line. Comparatively, almost no other IT channel partner provider can meet Wasp’s margins.” Wasp has more than 1,500 total resellers, and anticipates approximately 20 percent growth in its solutions products from top partners. With continued partner presence in government, healthcare, IT, education and small business verticals, Wasp predicts continued growth in the coming years. “We’ve worked with Wasp Barcode Technologies for more than eight years,” said Don Powers, Powers Scanning Solutions. “First joining the WaspLink partnerprogram because of its unique and easy-to-sell solutions and great support, weare ecstatic about how much they are increasing their margins and their commitment to their partners.

Microsoft Azure: Earn up to $5,000 in cash back
Promotion Dates: October 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015
Help accelerate your customers move to the Cloud with Azure  Earn up to $5,000 in cash back, $20 dollar per license, when you sell 5 or more licenses of eligible Azure products thru Open to Qualified Organizations.  Azure is now available through the familiar Open Licensing Program that offers the benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing and opportunities for growing margins and deepening customer relationships. During October 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015, Microsoft offers a cashback program to help accelerate your customers move to the Cloud with Azure.  Taking advantage of this offer is simple: 1.Sell eligible Azure licenses thru Open between October 1st, 2014 and March 31st, 2015 2.Submit your claim by the applicable deadline 3.Microsoft will validate your claim and send a cheque to you in the mail 8 weeks after the claim is approved

Epson Projector Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until March 31st, 2015
PL 1751 V11H479120-F  $50.00 PL 1771 V11H477020  $50.00 PowerLite 1930 V11H506020  $100.00 PowerLite 1980WU V11H620020  $100.00 PowerLite 4650 V11H546020  $140.00 PowerLite 4750W V11H544020  $140.00