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InfoVista Unveils New Channel Program to Support Enterprise Demand for Application-Aware SD-WAN Solutions
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InfoVista, the provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world,  announced its new global channel program. The program provides growth opportunities to managed service providers (MSPs), systems integrators and value added resellers (VARs) by helping them take advantage of the growing enterprise SD-WAN market through improved access to training, sales and marketing tools, and financial incentives. With the global SD-WAN market predicted to reach USD 5.57 billion by 2020[1], enterprises are increasingly making use of SD-WAN technology to minimize network complexity and orchestrate the performance of applications over hybrid networks. InfoVista’s comprehensive channel program helps partners capture new enterprise market share, generate stronger margins and more effectively deliver the solutions enterprises are looking for with InfoVista’s portfolio of application-aware SD-WAN solutions. Partners can leverage certifications, as well as access channel marketing materials, discounted demo kits and sales enablement tools, through a centralized partner portal. This coupled with InfoVista’s cloud-based solution, IpanemaGO, and competitive subscription-based pricing helps partners accelerate time to market and easily deliver industry-leading enterprise SD-WAN solutions.  Supporting Quotes: “As the SD-WAN market matures and customers review their MPLS network investment, application delivery and prioritization, we analyzed the vendor marketplace and chose the InfoVista product set as our preferred solution because of its depth of functionality, maturity and roadmap,” said Nick Scott, director, Metadigm Ltd. “We are therefore very excited about the new InfoVista partner program, which will allow greater collaboration and innovation around our client solutions.”  "We are very excited about InfoVista’s new partner program,” said Jean-Marc Mutzig, deputy managing director, e-Qual. “Combining InfoVista’s commitment to partners with e-Qual’s technical expertise and experience, we will deliver SD-WAN solutions to a broader range of customers.” “This partner-friendly program was designed by keeping the entire life cycle in mind, from the first contact to on-boarding and closing the business,” said Vikas Trehan, SVP, global channels, InfoVista. “The program ensures partners’ success by providing the support and resources they need to sell, deploy and operate InfoVista’s enterprise product suite while offering partners industry-leading financial incentives.”

Cyberbit Launches Channel Program to Create a Profitable Opportunity to Solve Most Critical Cyberthreats
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Cyberbit, whose cybersecurity solutions protect the world's most sensitive systems, announced the launch of its Channel Program for North American Partners: MSSPs, VARs, distributors and consultants, who play a critical role in helping companies defend themselves against evolving cyberthreats. The Cyberbit Channel Program will deliver enhanced margins to partners, by providing Cyberbit's suite of solutions, addressing today's most complex cyber security problems for customers.   Cyberbit partners will get access to the industry's most advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR), SOC automation and orchestration, cyber range training and simulation platform, and industrial control systems security. The Cyberbit Channel Program is led by enterprise and IT security channel veteran Stephen Thomas, former Vice President of Channel Sales at Symantec, who has more than 20 years of sales leadership and building channel programs for partners of all sizes. Now Vice President of Sales at Cyberbit, Thomas will position partners to address pressing challenges in cybersecurity as part of the company's 100-percent-channel-focused strategy. Recently expanded to North America, Cyberbit has more than 500-employees on three continents, supporting the most critical assets of enterprises and public sector organizations worldwide. As a subsidiary of defense systems leader Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT), Cyberbit not only offers the channel battle-hardened cybersecurity solutions but also the resources and strategic support to help partners move quickly into new markets. "We talk to lots of companies that either suffer from alert fatigue from all the cybersecurity tools they've adopted or that can't hire enough experienced staff to leverage their technology - or both," said Jeff Hirsh of MickTec, a Cyberbit partner. "Cyberbit helps us solve these customer pain points, with proven technology and the real-world training that customers need to defend against multi-dimensional IT security threats." Stephen Thomas, Cyberbit Vice President of Sales said, "Companies need partners to guide them through today's ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape, which is one reason why the channel has become the backbone of the IT security market. Cyberbit is already protecting companies all over the world and across a vast range of industries, which uniquely positions us to help partners expand and grow their expertise and market opportunities."

Xerox Reengineers Scan-to-App Workflow for Small/Mid-size Businesses with Automated Cloud Solution
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Importing a hard copy scan of purchase orders, invoices and receipts into applications like QuickBooks or Microsoft Office 365 can take multiple steps, several programs and a lot of time. This is especially true in small/mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that rely on web-based applications as part of their business processes. Xerox’s Web Capture Service helps channel partners solve this common scanning-to-application pain point for their customers with a simple, yet powerful workflow automation tool. For many SMBs, this is an important first step to automate workflows. In a Xerox survey, 72 percent of SMBs report they either have no workflow automation in place or have just started to implement these processes1. Xerox’s Web Capture Service is the only solution that automates and scans a document for immediate use without additional steps of creating files, renaming documents and importing it to an application. Sold only through Xerox channel partners, Web Capture Service can be used with any scanner regardless of brand and works with most web applications such as Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Salesforce, SAP, Concur and many more. “Web Capture Service provides Xerox channel partners with an opportunity to offer SMBs a unique service that will initiate the path of business process automation,” said Ron Glaz, research director, Document Workflow Solutions, IDC. “There is nothing as sophisticated, yet as simple to use – particularly for the SMB segment – on the market today.” Web Capture Service is one of several new, exclusive Xerox offerings and tools that are designed to help channel partners capture revenue beyond hardware and supplies. Xerox’s new Productivity Packs for ConnectKey® i-Series multifunction printers are pre-packaged, high value, turnkey apps targeted at industry verticals including education, healthcare, finance and general office. The apps eliminate manual, time consuming and error-prone tasks by converting paper-based processes into automated digital workflows. Each Productivity Pack contains five workflow applications specific to that vertical, so partners can dive into vertical market penetration without needing a software engineer and systems integrator to develop that workflow in-house. With 18 new industry applications, use cases and sales strategies, the updated Xerox Partner Solutions Playbook 2.0, an interactive library of successful, real-world customer scenarios, helps partners easily sell workflow solutions, collaborate and share ideas with other partners, and custom build applications to grow their bottom line. “By partnering with Xerox, we have the tools we need to expand our offerings and stay profitable,” said Troy Tafoya, president, PDS, Inc. “Many of my customers want automation solutions but don’t know where to begin. Web Capture Service, Productivity Packs and the Partner Solutions Playbook 2.0 help my company establish a new expertise to meet their needs.”

HP 1040 Notebook Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until December 15th, 2016
SKU Description Instant Rebate V1P89UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I5-6200U 14.0 8GB/128 $340.00 V1P90UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I5-6200U 14.0 8GB/256 $380.00 V1P91UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I5-6300U 14.0 8GB/256 $420.00 V1P92UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I5-6300U 14.0 16GB/256 $450.00 V2W21UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14.0 8GB/256 $470.00 V1P94UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14 8GB/256 HSPA $500.00 V2W22UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14.0 16GB/512 $510.00 V2W23UT#ABA HP PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14.0 16GB/256 $510.00 V1P89UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I5-6200U 14.0 8GB/128 $340.00 V1P90UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I5-6200U 14.0 8GB/256 $380.00 V1P91UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I5-6300U 14.0 8GB/256 $420.00 V1P92UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I5-6300U 14.0 16GB/256 $450.00 V2W21UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14.0 8GB/256 $470.00 V1P94UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14 8GB/256 HSPA $500.00 V2W22UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14.0 16GB/512 $510.00 V2W23UT#ABL BL PROMO 1040 I7-6600U 14.0 16GB/256 $510.00

Snowflake Announces New Solution Partner Program
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Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, announced the launch of its Snowflake Solution Partner Program. This new program recognizes qualified Snowflake partners who have demonstrated the skills and experience to implement solutions that leverage Snowflake technology while providing partners with training, resources, and collaboration to maximize their ability to leverage Snowflake technology. The Snowflake Solution Partner Program helps Snowflake customers find qualified partners who can work with them to accelerate and maximize the benefits of Snowflake. Snowflake Solution Partners bring expertise in strategies, architectures, design principles, and best practices in big data and data analytics that ensure that customers can rapidly deploy Snowflake to help solve their data analytics challenges. The Snowflake Solution Partner Program benefits for partners include the following (exact benefits depend on partner qualification type and status): In-depth training on Snowflake technology, use cases, and best practices through Snowflake’s SnowCamp training curriculum. Opportunities for joint marketing with Snowflake including joint branding, joint collateral, and marketing activities. Resources to support implementation and go-to-market efforts. Discounted access to Snowflake products for learning and development purposes. “Our partners are a key link in helping our customers rapidly integrate Snowflake into their data solutions,” said Walter Aldana, vice president of alliances at Snowflake Computing. “The Snowflake Solution Partner Program allows our partners to demonstrate their skills and expertise, giving customers confidence that they can turn to these partners to accelerate and maximize the value they can achieve using Snowflake.” “At Telltale we’re constantly evolving and innovating our data solutions. To succeed in that, we need to make sure that we can quickly and optimally deploy new solutions,” said Nate West, director of analytics at Telltale. “Working with a Snowflake Solution Partner helped us rapidly deploy and take full advantage of Snowflake, delivering a solution that accelerated the parsing of the JSON data received from game engines by over 50%.” Snowflake was founded with the vision of eliminating the barriers to data analytics. Snowflake’s data warehouse built for the cloud delivers the performance, concurrency, and simplicity needed to support today’s diverse data and analytics. It delivers the following innovations and capabilities that define a data warehouse built for the cloud: Complete SQL database – Snowflake supports the tools millions of business users already know how to use today. Zero management – Snowflake reduces complexity with built-in performance so there’s no infrastructure to tweak, no knobs to turn and no tuning required. All of your data – Customers can analyze multiple petabytes of structured and semi-structured data (JSON, XML, AVRO) to quickly extract critical insight. All of your users – An architecturally unlimited amount of concurrent users and applications can gain access without eroding performance thanks to Snowflake’s multi-cluster warehouse technology. Pay only for what you use – Snowflake’s cloud-built solution scales storage separate from compute, up and down, transparently and automatically. Learn more about the Snowflake Solution Partner Program online and apply to become a Snowflake Solution Partner at

Avnet Expands its Internet of Things Portfolio with relayr Solutions
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Avnet, a leading global technology distributor, announced today an agreement with relayr to deliver world-class internet of things (IOT) solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Through this agreement, partners will have access to relayr’s enterprise middleware platform, and powerful, simple-to-use tools that enable fast and cost-effective development of new solutions, equipment and services for IOT. Partners will be able to leverage relayr’s technology innovations and starter kit to help develop IOT solutions for their customers from prototype to roll-out, along with end-to-end support. “relayr addresses one of the central challenges of IOT with a truly comprehensive enterprise middleware platform that can turn our partners into IOT solution developers,” said Colin Blair, vice president of data analytics and IOT solutions, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “Our partners will be able to use relayr’s offerings to create IOT solutions that can easily be integrated with their customers’ existing technologies. Working together, Avnet and relayr will empower partners to help their customers create IOT solutions that span a wide range of devices and offer solutions from simple experimentation kits to industrial hardware, supporting their customers’ digital transformation processes.” Now available through Avnet, the cloud-based enterprise middleware platform from relayr allows communications from any service, any software, any platform, and any sensor. Additionally, Avnet will provide its partners with relayr’s open source software development kits and industrial-grade sensor kits for rapid customer prototyping. For example, relayr’s Cisco IOT starter kit will be available through Avnet, which is designed to provide partners with a quick and affordable proof of concept to allow their customers to experience the advantages of IOT fog software for industrial deployments. Principally addressing markets in manufacturing, smart buildings, retail, government, healthcare and energy, partners will have access to relayr’s solutions, which provide a unique full-service, end-to-end stack with an open API, streaming services and open source libraries for both hardware and software, facilitated by a step-by-step acceleration method. Additionally, partners can leverage relayr’s middleware toolset, consulting services, connections capabilities to different devices from different manufacturers, and abilities to provision software for building new sensor-based retrofitting solutions across any device and any “thing.” “relayr plays a pivotal role in providing all key components to develop complete IOT solutions, and Avnet has the time-tested experience and expertise to deliver those solutions with the value demanded by the channel,” said Josef Brunner, relayr CEO and co-founder. “Our cloud-based enterprise middleware platform for industrial IOT enables organizations to connect any device, harmonize heterogeneous data streams, and make them available for dashboards, mobile apps, services, and analytics.” Developing and deploying end-to-end IOT solutions can be complex and challenging. Avnet provides partners with a wide range of resources from the edge to the enterprise to develop IOT solutions that effectively gather information, connect to the internet, and securely manage and analyze data. Avnet will also provide extensive sales enablement and hands-on trainings for partners around relayr’s Cisco gateway product offering, relayr middleware, consumer-grade and industrial sensors. “IOT is an ecosystem play at its core – technology suppliers have an important piece in this ecosystem, but it takes an orchestrator like Avnet to bring those pieces together in a way that enables partners to create high-value innovative solutions for their customers,” said Hash Malik, CEO of SPS, Inc., a provider of innovative cognitive, IOT and analytics solutions and an Avnet partner. “Thought-leading organizations like relayr and Avnet have the foresight and know-how in this space. We can see from our own experiences in rapidly developing IOT apps for our customers that the Avnet and relayr partnership is providing ingredients that partners like us can leverage to be successful.” Avnet’s approach to IOT exemplifies how Avnet is helping partners excel through specialization while capitalizing on the high-growth, next-generation technologies that are redefining the future. In addition to IOT, partners can leverage Avnet’s in-depth expertise in complementary technology market segments, including the cloud, cognitive computing, the data center, data analytics, mobility, security and enterprise networking. Avnet will be hosting a series of roadshows related to IOT, Cisco and relayr in 2016, and details on this can be accessed at the Avnet IOT Roadshow webpage. To learn more about these offerings or how Avnet can help partners grow IOT businesses, contact your Avnet representative.

AWS Announces New Programs, Competencies, and Tools to Support Growing AWS Partner Network
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At the recent AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), announced three new AWS Partner Network (APN) programs – the AWS Service Delivery Program, the APN Public Sector Partner Program, and the VMware Cloud™ on AWS Partner Program – that will support and differentiate APN partners who provide solutions and expertise for specific services, workloads, and industry verticals. AWS also launched two new AWS Competencies that enable and promote partners who have demonstrated proven success in Financial Services and Internet of Things (IoT). To help customers more easily find the right partner and solution for their specific business needs, AWS launched the APN Partner Solutions Finder, a new website where customers can search for, discover, and connect with APN Partners. AWS also announced that the AWS Marketplace has grown to more than 3,500 listings from 1,100 independent software vendors (ISVs) across 35 different categories, enabling customers to easily purchase and deploy even more software that is pre-configured for the AWS Cloud. For more information, visit AWS customers across regions and industries turn to APN Partners for specialized technology and expertise that helps them solve a diverse set of business challenges and get the most out of the expanding range of AWS services. With 60 percent of APN Partners headquartered outside of the U.S., customers around the globe can find the tools and services they need to take full advantage of the AWS Cloud. More than 10,000 new partners have joined the APN in the past 12 months, offering customers an ever-expanding selection of software solutions hosted on, or integrated with, AWS. And, thousands of new APN Consulting Partners are available to help design, architect, build, migrate, and manage customer workloads and applications. AWS customers also continue to turn to AWS Marketplace for their software needs, and today customers around the world are using over 300 million hours a month of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to run AWS Marketplace products. “There’s never been a better time to be an APN Partner. Customers are turning to the AWS Cloud to address an increasingly broad set of needs across their organizations, which translates to business opportunities for the APN partners that help them achieve their goals,” said Dorothy Copeland, General Manager, Global Partner Programs, AWS. “This is why we continue to invest in programs that help APN Partners differentiate based on the specialized value they provide to customers. AWS Competencies and other APN distinctions help customers know that an APN Partner can deliver the right expertise, solution, or technology for the job.” New APN programs for Service Delivery, Public Sector Partners, and VMware Cloud on AWS Today, AWS is introducing three new programs that provide tools, training, and benefits to qualified APN Partners, and help distinguish them based on specialized expertise: The AWS Service Delivery Program: Identifies APN Consulting and Technology Partners that have passed technical reviews, and have a validated track record of customer success with a specific AWS service. For example, a customer planning to use Amazon Redshift can look to partners that have earned Amazon Redshift Partner status to provide tested and validated expertise or solutions. At launch, the AWS Services Delivery Program has over 150 APN Partner solutions and practices validated across 15 categories, including Amazon Alexa, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, AWS CloudFront, AWS Config, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS GovCloud (US) workloads, AWS Lambda, and AWS WAF. The AWS Public Sector Partner Program: Designed for APN Partners with solutions and experience to help deliver government, education, and nonprofit customer missions around the world leveraging the AWS Cloud. With more than 350 partners at launch, the program helps qualified APN Partners build and accelerate their AWS Public Sector business. The VMware Cloud on AWS Partner Program: In October, VMware and AWS announced a strategic alliance to build and deliver a seamlessly integrated hybrid offering that will give customers the full software-defined data center (SDDC) experience from the leader in the private cloud, running on the world’s most popular, trusted, and robust public cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS will be delivered, sold, and supported by VMware as an on-demand, elastically scalable service that leverages AWS’s global footprint and breadth of services. Launching in 2017, the VMware Cloud on AWS Partner Program will focus on supporting customers as they deploy and operate VMware Cloud on AWS. New IoT and Financial Services Competencies Launch Today The AWS Competency Program highlights APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. With these additions, the AWS Competency Program now covers 16 different workloads and verticals. The AWS Financial Services Competency: Recognizes APN Consulting and Technology partners that have demonstrated industry expertise and offer solutions for customers in banking and payments, capital markets, and insurance. APN Partners with the AWS Financial Services Competency include: 2nd Watch, Accenture, Avoka, Calypso, Capgemini, Cloud Technology Partners, Cloudreach, Cognizant, Corezoid, EIS Group, FICO, FIS-Prophet, Guidewire, IHS Markit, Infosys, Mambu, Moven, NICE Systems, REAN Cloud, Sopra Steria, and Wipro. The AWS IoT Competency: Showcases APN Consulting and Technology Partners that provide proven technology and implementation capabilities for a variety of IoT use cases, including intelligent factories, smart cities, energy, automotive, transportation, and healthcare. APN Partners with the AWS IoT Competency include: Accenture, Amdocs, Aricent, Asavie, Bsquare Corporation, C3 IoT, Cloud Technology Partners, Eseye, Intel, Luxoft, MachineShop, Microchip Technology, Mobiquity, PTC, Solstice, SORACOM, Splunk, Sturdy Networks, Thinglogix, and Trek10. AWS Partner Solutions Finder helps customers connect with the right APN Partners Customers often ask where to go when looking for a partner that can help design, migrate, manage, and optimize their workloads on AWS, or for partner-built tools that can help them achieve their goals. The AWS Partner Solutions Finder provides customers with a website where they can easily search, discover, and connect with trusted APN Technology and Consulting Partners based on their business needs. Customers can easily search AWS-vetted partner profiles based on criteria such as location, industry, use case, and products. The AWS Partner Solutions Finder helps customers quickly identify authorized AWS Resellers or validated AWS Managed Service Providers, and find APN Partners who hold specific AWS Competencies and AWS Service Delivery Program distinctions. AWS Marketplace continues rapid growth AWS Marketplace provides a way for customers around the globe to find, buy, and immediately start using software that runs on AWS by simplifying licensing, purchasing, and deployment of software to the AWS Cloud. AWS Marketplace has added more than a thousand new listings and over 300 new ISVs in the last year, bringing the total to more than 3,500 software listings from over 1,100 ISVs. More than 100,000 active customers rely on AWS Marketplace to take the heavy lifting out of finding, procuring, and deploying third-party software, and with the recent launch of SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace, it’s now easier than ever for AWS customers to start using third-party SaaS and API products and pay for it all through their existing AWS bill. SaaS Subscriptions are currently available for more than 40 solutions on AWS Marketplace, from ISVs such as Acumatica, Avalara, Datadog, New Relic, Sumo Logic, Trend Micro, and many more.

Intel Processor Rebate Promo
Promotion Dates: Until December 30th, 2016
This offer is valid while supplies last and is subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed. Vendor Part #   Discount (USD) BX80646G3258   $5.00 BX80662I36100   $2.00 BX80662I36098P   $1.00 BX80662G4400   $6.00 BX80662G4520   $10.00 BX80662G4500   $17.00

Zebra MC2100 Product Promotion
Promotion Dates: Until Dec. 31st, 2016

​EMC XtremIO Xpect More Program
Promotion Dates: Between 01 Nov 2015 and 31 Dec 2016
The XtremIO® Xpect More Program is a set of three offers to highlight and reinforce the fact that XtremIO arrays provide the most compelling TCO story ever. Specific benefits are: Why Promote Lifetime Maintenance Price Protection? – XtremIO® Maintenance Price Protection locks-in Premium Support Services price through the product’s end of service life (“Lifetime”) as published on EMC’s website. The EMC Solution Provider Business Partner (“Partner”) has the option to renew EMC Premium Support Services for the same annual fee as paid with the initial purchase from EMC, as long as the end customer maintains a current contract without lapse. This is more than any other vendor currently offers and helps ensure the lowest TCO. Why Promote Investment Protection? – XtremIO® Investment Protection provides that a Partner, on behalf of their direct and indirect end customer, has a right to receive a repair of a defective product, replacement of similar product, or refund pro-rated on a straight-line basis (5-year depreciation schedule) for 3 years from the date of initial purchase, if the product does not operate in accordance with EMC published specifications. This is EMC’s standard storage warranty and it’s always included a 3-year moneyback warranty for product that cannot be repaired or replaced, but due to fierce competition, it is important that we stress this industry leading offer. Why Promote Flash Endurance Protection? – XtremIO® Flash Endurance Protection provides that EMC will replace an SSD in an XtremIO array proactively and non-disruptively, if its remaining Global Channel XtremIO Xpect More Program – November 2015 – December 2016 EMC Confidential—Internal and Partner Use Only 2 endurance level reaches 5% of its limit during the product’s Lifetime, as reported by the array to the partner’s end customer. XtremIO SSDs offer over 20x better endurance lifespans than other competitive arrays as a result of the XtremIO architecture’s unique write efficiencies and EMC’s superior enterprise-grade MLC Flash. EMC wants to expose that competitor flash drives have less endurance; they reach their limit faster and need to be replaced more frequently.