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Windows NTFS, Linux File Systems on the Rise with Mac Users: Five Percent of macOS Users Work with at Least Three Incompatible File Systems
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Paragon Software Group, the cross-platform technology leader in innovative mobile device and embedded system solutions, reports that Paragon UFSD (Universal File System Driver) Value Pack– a bundle of five essential cross-platform tools providing access to non-native file systems — has been installed by five percent of Paragon NTFS for Mac users, showing that every 20 macOS users work with at least three incompatible file system standards, demonstrating increasing market demand for cross-platform products. Previously available as licensing-based technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, in September, 2016 Paragon’s UFSD technology became available for the first time as a bundle pack targeted at individual users. Judging from installation data recorded during the first two months of availability, five percent of customers upgraded from NTFS for Mac 14 to UFSD Value Pack, a clear sign that five percent of macOS users work with at least three incompatible file system standards. Paragon UFSD Value Pack includes NTFS for Mac, ExtFS for Mac, HFS+ for Windows, ExtFS for Windows, and NTFS-HFS Converter. The UFSD Value Pack has been developed to instantly solve compatibility issues for users working with multiple file systems. The Pack comes with a lifetime free upgrade guarantee for just $49.95 — a savings of nearly $100 compared to purchasing each tool separately. For existing Paragon NTFS for Mac 14, ExtFS for Mac 10, or HFS+ for Windows 11 customers, the UFSD Value Pack is available for only $19.95. “I use the UFSD Value Pack personally and professionally. Personally, I have dual-boot laptops and desktops, and need to transfer information between the two systems as I work on different tasks. Professionally, I use Paragon products to transfer information from older hard drives onto new equipment, or recover information from damaged or unusable machines,” says John Hall, UFSD Value Pack user. “Paragon provides a single source for all major file systems – NTFS, HFS, and Ext3.  Having a single solution is important, so I have a single installation or upgrade, one place to contact for any issues, and a consistent approach.” Paragon UFSD Value Pack includes essential tools required for unprecedented high-performance read and write access to NTFS, HFS+, and ExtFS partitions from macOS or Windows-based systems, at the same time delivering lower CPU load and power consumption. With Paragon UFSD Value Pack installed, dual-boot users can easily write files to NTFS-formatted USB flash drives, SSDs, or traditional hard drives, and copy data to NAS-based storage from a macOS-based computer. Paragon UFSD Value Pack includes: Paragon NTFS for Mac® 14: Full, ultra-fast read/write access to NTFS partitions under macOS. Paragon ExtFS for Mac® 10: Full read/write access to Ext2/3/4 partitions under macOS with data transfer rate comparable to native file system performance. The same driver also checks, repairs, creates, and formats Ext2/3/4 volumes. Paragon HFS+ for Windows® 11: The only solution with full access to HFS+ partitions on disks of any type (GPT, MBR), with higher transfer rates than native HFS file-system performance. Paragon ExtFS for Windows®: Fast and transparent access to Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 partitions under Windows; read and write support for LVM (Logical Volume Management). Paragon NTFS-HFS Converter: Convert NTFS volumes to HFS+ and vice-versa, with a backup option. Lifetime free upgrade guarantee: Free upgrades for all included tools delivered directly to the user’s personal MyParagon account, plus free online support. Under licensing agreements, Paragon’s UFSD technology have already been successfully embedded into tens of millions devices worldwide by the industry’s major manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Western Digital, ASUS, Seagate, Toshiba, Belkin, LG Electronics, Logitech, Buffalo, Netgear, Acer, EMC, Siemens, D-Link, Lenovo, and many others to provide non-native storage expandability. Fast and rock-solid read and write access to external storage via USB in embedded devices allows customers use standard USB HDDs and flash-drives formatted under Windows (NTFS) or macOS X (HFS+) without the need to reformat them. UFSD can be integrated into embedded devices to access the exFAT file system, which is required for SD XC support (SD Cards exceeding 32GB) following the SD Alliance storage standards. Easily customisable, Paragon’s technology makes external storage in embedded devices cross-compatible like never before, opening multiple options to users. For example, in contrast to the open source FUSE/NTFS3G-based file system drivers, Paragon UFSD™ NTFS driver is implemented at the kernel-level, resulting in a significantly improved read/write performance. Availability: Paragon UFSD Value Pack is available for $49.95 and can be downloaded from https://www.paragon-software.com/home/ufsd-value-pack/ A lifetime free upgrade guarantee for four key bundled products is included. For existing Paragon NTFS for Mac 14, ExtFS for Mac 10 and HFS+ for Windows 11 customers, the UFSD Value Pack is available for just $19.95. For purchasers of Paragon NTFS for Mac 12, the UFSD Value Pack is available for $24.95.

K2 Launches Ascend Partner Program
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K2 Software  announced the launch of its global partner program, K2 Ascend Partner Program. The program solidifies K2 as a channel-focused and channel-friendly company with a program that will bolster partner bottom lines and help customers rapidly foster digital transformation within their businesses through low-code application development. “We are excited about the momentum and energy in the partner ecosystem over the past year. As we wrap up a record revenue year, we are looking forward to launching an updated partner program for 2017 to enable our partners’ success in anticipation of the release of great new products in 2017,” said Adriaan van Wyk, CEO, K2. “While we continue to provide innovative low-code solutions to drive much- needed business transformation and digitization in the market, it will be our partners that help us scale and ensure our customers are successful. This program will ensure they are set up to prosper at every turn.”  K2 Ascend Partner Program, which officially went live Jan. 1, is built on three essential pillars: Transparency: Proactive and preemptive communication to create simple transactions, clear requirements and specific measurements. Enablement: Tools to help partners build skills and promote offerings to achieve the highest level of customer success. Profitability: Opportunity registration designed to protect partners and provide incentives as fuel for future growth. “Since K2 brought me on in May, I’ve made it my mission to listen to our partners and apply their feedback to create a program that partners want to invest in,” said Tom Evans, vice president of Global Channel Sales, K2. “The K2 Ascend Partner Program will provide our partners with greater customization, training, certifications and incentives that significantly benefit our varied partner needs.” Through the launch of the K2 Ascend Partner Program, K2 will provide its channel partners with improved benefits in several key areas, including multiple partner levels that are customized to specific partner needs, opportunity registration for financial incentives, knowledge-building opportunities to enhance the partner and customer experience, and customizable toolsets to strengthen partner communication. “Avanade is excited about K2’s new channel program and looks forward to jointly helping clients digitize their businesses with these innovative capabilities,” said Tom Hoglund, vice president Digital Workplace, Avanade. Information about the K2 Ascend Partner Program is available on K2’s website. Partners are encouraged to contact K2 via partners@k2.com to get more information about converting to or joining the program. 

Promotion Dates: Nov. 1st , 2016 -to Jan. 31st, 2017
SKU REBATE AR2400 $100.00 AR3100 $120.00 AR3104 $105.00 AR3107 $160.00 AR3150 $170.00 AR3300 $180.00 AR3347 $250.00 BE600M1 $7.00 BR1000G $15.00 BR1500G $20.00 P74 $1.50 P74-CN $1.50 SC420 $14.00 SC620 $20.00 SMC1000 $30.00 SMC1500 $40.00 SMT1000 $60.00 SMT1000RM2U $65.00 SMT1500 $75.00 SMT1500RM2U $80.00 SMT2200 $100.00 SMT2200RM2U $120.00 SMT3000RM2U $140.00 SMT750 $45.00 SMT750RM2U $45.00 SMX1000 $65.00 SMX1500RM2U $85.00 SMX1500RM2UNC $100.00 SMX2000RMLV2UNC $120.00 SMX750 $55.00 PRO8T2 $5.00 SMX3000LV $150.00

HPE Rack & Tower Server Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until January 31st, 2017
HPE part # Description IR 838503-001 HPE ML110 Gen9 E5-2620v4 LFF 8GB Svr $300.00 834607-001 HPE ML150 Gen9 E5-2609v4 Base US Svr $600.00 834608-001 HPE ML150 Gen9 E5-2620v4 Perf US Svr $1,100.00 833865-B21 HPE DL60 Gen9 E5-2609v4 LFF Base Svr $700.00 833869-B21 HPE DL80 Gen9 E5-2609v4 8LFF Base Svr $900.00 833870-B21 HPE DL120 Gen9 E5-2630v4 SFF Ety Svr $1,100.00 830011-B21 HPE DL120 Gen9 E5-2603v4 LFF Ety Svr $700.00 830570-B21 HPE DL160 Gen9 E5-2603v4 LFF Ety Svr $600.00 830571-B21 HPE DL160 Gen9 E5-2603v4 SFF Ety Svr $900.00 830572-B21 HPE DL160 Gen9 E5-2620v4 SFF Base Svr $1,200.00 833970-B21 HPE DL180 Gen9 E5-2603v4 NHP Ety Svr $700.00 833971-B21 HPE DL180 Gen9 E5-2603v4 LFF Ety Svr $700.00 833972-B21 HPE DL180 Gen9 E5-2609v4 LFF Base Svr $1,000.00 833973-B21 HPE DL180 Gen9 E5-2609v4 SFF Base Svr $1,100.00 833974-B21 HPE DL180 Gen9 E5-2623v4 12LFF Svr $1,800.00

Axcient Launches Fusion Trade-Up Program
Promotion Dates:
Axcient, the industry-recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS),  announced a Fusion trade-up program that lets channel partners offer enhanced protection to their clients with virtualized environments. The trade-up program gives partners in the Axcient Continuity Partner Program (CPP) the ability to transition their clients from existing physical and virtual Axcient appliances to the appliance-less Fusion disaster recovery and data protection service. Partners are eligible to receive up to a 100 percent trade-up credit based on environment size, retention requirements and recovery time objectives (RTOs). “Axcient is and always has been a channel-focused company,” said Justin Moore, CEO of Axcient. “This new trade-up promotion showcases Axcient’s commitment to enable our partners to deliver better service for their clients with best-of-breed data protection and disaster recovery solutions at an attractive price-point.” Based on ongoing partner feedback, providing simpler and more cost-effective ways to protect their clients’ virtualized environments was a key driver behind Fusion. While on-premises appliances were often necessary to achieve desired recovery point objectives (RPOs) for end-clients with limited network bandwidth, Fusion’s efficient WAN-optimized design completely eliminates that need. By eliminating the local appliance, Fusion makes it easier for partners to deploy, manage and scale services at their clients’ locations. In addition to announcing the trade-up program, Axcient is rolling out new partner sales and marketing tools, collateral and an Axcient Certified Expert (ACE) curriculum to make it easier for partners to market, sell and support Fusion, accessible through the Axcient Partner Portal. Partner Quotes “A large part of the clients we service already have redundancy and continuity built into their primary data centers, which greatly diminishes the value of DRaaS solutions that require an onsite appliance,” said Ryan Lakin, President of IronEdge Group. “With Axcient’s new transition path to Fusion, we can seamlessly move our clients onto an entirely cloud-based disaster recovery service that scales and performs at levels well above every other DRaaS offering on the market. This is a great example of Axcient’s ongoing commitment to the partner channel and further solidifies their leadership position within the MSP community.” “Many of our clients have offices with limited bandwidth, making it difficult to use purely cloud-based data protection and disaster recovery solutions,” said Dan Gross, VP of Operations at Rock Solid Technology Solutions. “We typically had to use a physical appliance to meet our clients’ recovery point objectives, and it would take anywhere from days to even weeks before their data was synchronized with the cloud. With Axcient Fusion, we can protect our clients’ applications and data with RPOs of just minutes—all without purchasing, installing or maintaining any additional hardware.”

Lifeboat Distribution Makes Financing More Accessible for Channel Partners
Promotion Dates:
Lifeboat Distribution, an international value added distributor for virtualizat ion, security, business continuity and other technically sophisticatedproducts, announced today new, accessible financing options for its channel partners. These programs offer channel partners the ability to select customizable billing features that best suit their individual needs and budgetary requirements. The financing option programs are designed to reflect channel partners’ project costs, deployment schedules and budget cycle. The goal of the program is to stretch budget dollars in order to make essential hardware and software purchases, as needed. “With Lifeboat’s financing programs, organizations no longer need to delay much needed IT investments or settle for suboptimal alternatives. Investing in technology is a business imperative for every company yet how you make that investment is not always so evident. We strongly believe that our financing program options will provide enhanced clarity by providing our channel partners with predictable payment options,” stated Michael Vesey, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Wayside Technology Group. Among the list of comprehensive financial programs that Lifeboat is offering are: traditional net term payment options, flooring programs with Wells Fargo®, GE Wells Fargo®, De Lange Landen®(DLL) and IBM, blind and visible escrow programs, and an extended 2 - year financing option program. “We believe it is important to offer our custo mers flexible and customizable financing options that will enable them to invest in the appropriate solutions and services that meet their individual needs and budget. By extending these options, it further allows our channel partners to make the purchases they need when they need them, without having to worry about cash flow constraints,” stated William R. Botti, Executive Vice President, Wayside Technology Group. For additional information on Lifeboat Distribution’s new financing program visit www.lifeboatdistribution.com.

Impartner Kicks off 2017 With Launch of Definitive Guide to Starting a Channel and Accelerating Sales
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Global SaaS Partner Relationship Management Leader Impartner  released the definitive guide on starting a channel to help emerging companies tap into the incredible power of an indirect channel to immediately impact sales. Titled The Ultimate Field Guide to Building a Channel, the eBook is written by top channel strategist and thought leader, Theresa Caragol, president of TCC consulting, and provides comprehensive, actionable information for channel chiefs on how to ensure they are moving into the channel for the right reasons, taking the appropriate steps to get started, and deploying the right initiatives early on to ensure long-term sustainable success. According to Impartner Chief Marketing Officer Dave R Taylor, the company created the guide in response to the explosive number of fast-growing SaaS companies that are struggling to find top sales talent and racing to understand the channel and how it can help them continue their growth trajectory. Building a direct team is prohibitive to scaling your business, Taylor said. It's expensive and time intensive, with a substantial lag between effort and effect. If you didn't start building your team for Q1 2017 growth in October of last year, you are already behind the game. The indirect channel provides a plug-and-play scenario with an immediate impact on sales, once you have your program up and running, and this guide is intended to help you move quickly. Author Caragol agrees the time is now for fast burgeoning, cloud-based companies to expand their sales with the channel, given SaaS solutions are growing five times faster than on premise technologies. This guide is designed to help fast-growing companies explore and achieve the right first time success in building a channel for their business, Caragol said. Click here to get your complimentary copy of the guide and learn more about how an indirect channel — and technologies like Impartner's PRM solutions — can help accelerate sales.

SecurityScorecard Launches Channel Partner Program
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SecurityScorecard, the leader in security ratings,  announced the launch of its Partner Program designed to drive new business opportunities and increased profits for value-added resellers (VARs) delivering next-generation security solutions. Program partners are helping customers address a major pain point faced when securing their enterprise data and networks - visibility into and control of unmanaged third-party risks. The SecurityScorecard Partner Program is by-invitation-only, empowering a select group of VARs to uncover new opportunities, enhance customer solutions, and develop the expertise necessary to capitalize on the rapidly expanding security ratings market. The program already includes an exceptional group of partners that complement SecurityScorecard's go-to-market strategy, such as Gotham Technology Group, Optiv Security, GuidePoint Security, Bayside Solutions, and Sycomp. "SecurityScorecard is a trusted brand with a proven technology that we believe in," said Ken Phelan, Chief Technology Officer at Gotham Technology Group. "With the introduction of the SecurityScorecard Partner Program, Gotham will be able to generate new business, increase margins, and accelerate time-to-revenue, while also providing customers with reliable solutions that offer unique and critical security insights into third-party risks." SecurityScorecard works with partners to help strengthen their security expertise as trusted advisors and end-to-end solution providers for the SecurityScorecard platform. Program partners have access to deal registration, a collaborative sales model, qualified sales leads through teaming, enhanced sales and technical training, co-marketing funds, and joint business planning. Partners can also interface with some of the leading white hat hackers in the world, who can provide expert advice and guidance around product solutions to ensure customer success. "Enterprise security is a problem that is top of mind all the way up to the board and, as a result, the need for cutting-edge risk management solutions is growing quickly," said Michael Rogers, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Channels. "The SecurityScorecard Partner Program is an important step toward evolving our business model and harnessing the power of the channel to deliver on this demand. Our goal is to provide our powerful and unique security insights to every major company."

Invincea Announces Next-Gen Partner Program
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Invincea, the #1 performing next-gen antivirus security company in the industry, announced its Next-Gen Partner Program, a channel-only go-to-market strategy for channel partners who want to offer their customers the industry’s best endpoint protection. X by Invincea™, having received top performance ratings by multiple third party testing institutions, and highest scores possible in attack detection and prevention effectiveness criteria – The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2016*, has experienced significant customer adoption across healthcare, finance, education and government verticals. Now, with $10 Million in strategic growth capital announced in November, 2016, the company is fully executing its go-to-market strategy to accelerate the company’s reach and sales by enabling next-gen channel partners to offer the best next-gen antivirus security product to their customers. “Invincea’s Next-Gen Partner Program is designed to be the industry’s best with the partner’s success as a core foundation,” said Eddie DeWolfe, Invincea VP of Partner Sales. “Invincea Next-Gen Partners will substantially increase value, margins, and sales by offering X by Invincea to their customers, leveraging our new partner portal, best in-class support tools and training through Invincea University, and industry leading partner sales team.” Through Invincea’s Next-Gen Partner Portal, partners can request quotes, submit incentive claims, run reports, track opportunities and registrations, access sales collateral and marketing materials, and request marketing development funds (MDF), and sales promotion incentive funds (SPIF). For example, Invincea’s January Partner Incentive Program is focused on incentive payments for “Test Drives” and closed deals. These programs have been well received by current and new Invincea Next-Gen Partners. “Simplifying partner interaction with both the vendor and the prospect is critical and typically a challenging function of the overall sales process.  With Invincea’s new program, these challenges seem to have been thoughtfully addressed,” said David Mendenhall, CTO- GigaNetworks, Inc. “GigaNetworks looks forward to working with Invincea’s X solution and exercising the new program.” As part of the Invincea University Next-Gen Partner Program, strategic partner reps will be eligible to be trained and certified to be proficient with X by Invincea and to run the “Test Drive” program, designed to show customers how easy-to-use and effective X by Invincea is in real time. Through this “Test Drive”, partners and customers can access their own version of X in a virtual environment giving them control to see how X stands up against today’s worst malware samples, file-less attacks including weaponized office documents, and eliminate the threat of spear phishing. These activities demonstrate Invincea’s commitment to being open, transparent and easy to do business with. Next-Gen Partners can sign up for the program in four easy steps: Register Your Company – Complete the online application to become a registered Partner Meet Your Invincea Partner Manager – Your Partner Manager is your go-to for all things Invincea Choose Your Partner Level – As a Partner, you will be able to choose the level in which you enter the program. The level chosen will give you discounts dependent on your commitments as a Partner Invincea University Training – Learn how X by Invincea can increase your customer loyalty and allow them to sleep at night knowing they’re protected To learn more about the Invincea Next-Gen Partner Program, visit https://www.invincea.com/invincea-partner-program/. To receive a free copy of the Forrester Wave Report for Endpoint Protection Platforms, visit this link. To learn more about Invincea or to take a free Test Drive, visit www.invincea.com. *The Forrester Wave Report for Endpoint Security:  Q4 2016 report

Menlo Security Announces SafeToClick Global Channel Partner Program
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Menlo Security launched the new SafeToClick Global Channel Partner Program designed to enable and equip channel partners to deliver isolation security that protects enterprises from the costly and dangerous problems of malware, ransomware and email phishing attacks. By working with Menlo Security, partners can add incremental revenue streams, differentiate the solution set they offer enterprise customers and create an ongoing annuity stream with the subscription based on Menlo Security Isolation Platform. “Menlo Security is committed to a channel program that helps partners enhance their business every step of the way,” said Doug Schultz, Vice President of North America and APAC Sales and Channel for Menlo Security. “More than ever, solution providers require game changing technology to gain an edge in the escalating battle against cyberattacks. Menlo Security’s Isolation Platform offers them a unique value proposition that eliminates malware while reducing operational costs.” For VARs and system integrators with growing network security practices, Menlo Security’s global channel partner program offers a new, easy to deploy revenue stream that is simple to integrate with existing security infrastructure. “Menlo Security’s commitment to the channel model makes them extremely easy to do business with,” said Drew Cather, Vice President of Innovation Research at Trace3. “Their isolation solution is a great addition that can be layered onto any existing security architecture.” Select Reseller Partners can leverage the program benefits for higher profitability and specific focus from the Menlo Security sales teams. The cloud-based Menlo Security Isolation Platform offers total protection from Web-based malware and email based phishing attacks. The solution easily scales to protect companies with a few hundred employees all the way to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of employees.  “We are very excited about including Menlo Security in our innovation program,” said Dave Polton, Chief Technology Architect, NTT Security. “Menlo Security provides an elegant solution that was easy to deploy as part of NTT Com security’s Resilient Cyber Defense Architecture.”   Menlo Security’s Global Channel Program Resources Program Resources include deal registration, technical certification, tailored sales support, partner education, marketing kits, qualified lead sharing and “Not for Resale” product licenses for customer demos. The SafeToClick Reseller Program has two partner levels designed to give greater levels of profitability for partners investing in building a business with Menlo Security. Select Reseller - Partners can leverage the program benefits for higher profitability, increased deal protection, and specific focus from the Menlo Security sales organization. Select Partners will receive training and education making them experts in installing and supporting Menlo Security solutions. Menlo Security depends on partners at the Select Partner level to deliver successful implementations to customers. Authorized Reseller - Partners have the ability and benefit of being able to resell Menlo Security Products and services without the level of initial commitment, training and investment required of select partners.