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Epson Scanner Rebates
Promotion Dates: July to September 2016
  B11B206201 DS30  $45.00 B11B225201 DS40  $38.00 B11B204121 DS50000  $65.00 B11B209201 DS510   $50.00 B11B234201 DS520  $70.00 B11B204221 DS60000  $130.00 B11B205221 DS6500  $32.50 B11B204321 DS70000  $195.00 B11B205321 DS7500  $50.00 B11B222202 DS760  $100.00 B11B222201 DS860  $90.00 B11B190011 GT1500  $10.00 B11B194081 GTS80  $40.00 B11B207221 V370  $11.00 B11B232201 V39  $12.00 B11B210201 V550 photo  $11.00

Epson Projector Rebates
Promotion Dates: July to September 2016
V11H479120 PL 1751  $25.00 V11H478120 PL 1761W  $25.00 V11H477020 PL 1771  $25.00 V11H506020 PL 1930   $100.00 V11H620020 PL 1980WU   $100.00 V11H546020 PL 4650   $140.00 V11H544020 PL 4750W   $140.00 V11H719220 VS240  $5.00 V11H717220 VS340  $5.00 V11H718220 VS345  $5.00

Q3 APC Channel Wide Promotions
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
APC Sku    Rebate AR2400 $50 AR3100 $60 AR3104 $55 BE600M1 $7 BE750G $10 BE750G-CN $10 BN650M1-CA $7 BR1500G $20 P74 $2 P74-CN $2 SC420 $14 SC620 $20 SMT1000 $60 SMT1000RM2U $65 SMT1500 $75 SMT1500RM1U $100 SMT1500RM2U $80 SMT2200RM2U $120 SMT750 $45 SMT750RM2U $45

Belkin Q4 AV Promo
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
F2CD049b $4.00 F2CD005b $2.50 F2CD032b $4.50 F2CD004b $2.50 F2CD051b $2.75 F2CD058 $1.00 F2CD001b06-E $3.50 F2CD000b10-E $6.00 F3H982-10 $2.00 F2CD021eb $0.50 BE106000-08R $2.25 BE108000-08-CM $3.00 BE112230-08 $4.25 F9D1000-15 $5.00 F9P609-03 $1.00

OKI Q2 Channel Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
62444301 $30 62442101 $200

Microsoft Windows DataCentre 15% off Promo
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
15% off selected Windows Server DC skus Unlimited Virtualization, no better time to buy than now!Reduce 2003 EOS/IB leveraging refreshed ATM list. Avoid compliancy and security risks! Prepare for Windows Server 2016, buy now upgrade later by positioning SA. Enjoy unlimited Virtualization rights and Transform your business taking advantage of Hybrid Cloud through AHUB with SA. Start moving your VMs to Azure now. Avoid licensing complexity and incompliancy (proc/core conversion)

Zebra Technologies MPact Improves Customer Engagement
Promotion Dates:
BlueStar, a leading global distributor of Digital Identification, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, and Security technology solutions, is pleased to introduce MPact Location Solutions from Zebra Technologies. Utilizing Bluetooth Smart beacons, or a company's WiFi, Zebra's MPact Platform for mobile marketing allows businesses to provide their customers and guests with the ultimate personalized experience. MPact allows business owners to see where customers are, permissively, in their facilities in real-time, creating the opportunity to take action based on that information. Determining where guests are located, the program can automatically display helpful and promotional messages on customers' personal Smart devices relevant to their location and moment of need, allowing for a more unique and customizable way to reach each guest. MPact provides three tiers of locationing for customer engagement: presence, zone, and position. This allows business owners to know where customers are within a facility, how long they've spent in certain areas and for what types of products or services they may be searching. The vast amount of customization provided each guest will help him or her feel more welcome and important to the companies catering to their experience. With a unified platform that delivers both WiFi locationing and Bluetooth Smart-based, micro-locationing, engaging customers in real time as they're in-store becomes simple and cost-effective.

535 5-Pak Rebate Promo
Promotion Dates: Until Oct. 30th, 2016
Intel is offering a $2.00usd rebate on the below SSD's between July 20th and October 31st, 2016. This offer is valid while supplies last and is subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed. Vendor Part # SSDSC2BW120H6R5 SSDSC2BW180H6R5 SSDSC2BW240H6R5 SSDSC2BW360H6R5 SSDSC2BW480H6R5

CyberPower Back to Business Promotions
Promotion Dates: Until Oct. 31st, 2016

The HP Mystery Shopper promotion is back!
Promotion Dates: August 22 to October 31, 2016
From August 22 to October 31 you stand a chance to win cool weekly prizes and a grand prize of $2,000 credit on account when you purchase HP Smart Buy products from Tech Data. Up to $10,000 in total prizes will be awarded! All you have to do is purchase $500 online, over the phone or by email in any HP Smart Buy product to earn a ballot. What are you waiting for? Bring us all your HP Smart Buy opportunities and be one of our Mystery Shopper winners!