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Instant Rebate on Intel Processors
Promotion Dates: Extended until Dec. 24th, 2014
Intel has extended the rebate promo on select core i3 and Pentium desktop processors.  This promo is valid while supplies last and subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed.  Vendor Part #   Discount (USD) BX80646I34150   $10.00  BX80637I33250   $30.00  BX80646G3240   $6.00  BX80646G3220   $10.00  

Save 35% on Everything at
Promotion Dates: Offer valid through December 25, 2014
The Unique and Perfect Holiday Gift! Save 35% at             Control multiple local and remote PCs with one keyboard and mouse       Use one monitor or connect monitors to each PC Drag and drop files and folders of any size between PCs Copy and paste formatted text and images between PCs Listen to audio from all PCs through one PC                 Analyze and manage file storage on PCs, servers and cloud services       Locate large files and folders quickly with Treemap visuals Take clean-up actions on dynamically built file lists Copy, move and delete files to free up storage space Find files by size, type and custom criteria         Coupon Code:  MP3130FIAM-OWBT-CWOT     Shop Now  

Control Multiple PCs with one Keyboard and Mouse
Promotion Dates: Until Dec. 25th, 2014
On-screen Display of Connected PCs for Ultra-fast Switching   •   KVM mode controls multiple PCs with one keyboard, monitor and mouse   •   KM mode controls multiple PCs with their own monitors   •   KVM and KM mode can be simultaneously active   •   Audio control independent of the PC controlled by the keyboard and mouse   •   Drag/drop and copy/paste data between computers   Read what our customers have to say!   Learn More and Save 15% Save on Multiplicity KVM or KVM Pro through December 25th   Coupon Code:  MP3133QAHJ-JDUN-DKVB  

Epson Scanner Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until end of December 2014
V550 photo B11B210201    $30.00 V37 B11B207201    $10.00 V370 B11B207221    $17.00         DS-30 B11B206201    $36.00 DS-40 B11B225201    $16.00 GT-1500 B11B190011    $10.00 GT-S50 B11B194011    $20.00 DS-510 B11B209201    $32.50 DS-560 B11B221201    $20.00 GT-S80 B11B194081    $40.00 DS-6500 B11B205221    $32.50 DS-7500 B11B205321    $50.00 DS50000 B11B204121    $65.00 DS60000 B11B204221    $130.00 DS70000 B11B204321    $195.00 DS-760 B11B222202    $30.00 DS-860 B11B222201    $50.00

Special on Infocus 5000 Series
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
    Model   IR IN5312a   $400 IN5144a   $400 IN5145   $400  

Quantum Midrange & Enterprise Products rebate
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
Midrange Products 4% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum Enterprise Products 2% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum

APC Q4 2014 Channel Wide Rebate Program
Promotion Dates: From Oct 14, 2014 until Dec 31, 2014
  Vendor Part#   REBATE AP8941   $50.00  AP9562   $5.00  AR2400   $40.00  AR3100   $50.00  BE550G-CN   $5.00  P610   $1.00  SMT1000   $25.00  SMT1000RM2U   $30.00  SMT1500   $30.00  SMT1500RM2U   $35.00  SURTA1500RMXL2U   $50.00  SURTA1500XL   $40.00  SURTA3000RMXL3U   $80.00  BR1500G   $8.00  P7GB   $2.00  P74   $1.00  SMT750RM2U   $20.00  SMX1500RM2U   $50.00  SMT3000RM2U   $60.00  

Oki Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Dec. 31st, 2014
  OKI   Description IR 62441604   MB760 WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62441704   MB770 WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62441707   MB770F WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62441710   MB770FX WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62439401   MC770 DIGTL COL 35/37PPM $750.00  62439701   MC780 DIGTL COL 42PPM $750.00  62439504   MC780F DIGTL COL 42PPM $750.00  62439507   MC780FX DIGTL COL $750.00  62442001   B721DN WKGP MONO PR $200.00  62442101   B731DN WKGP MONO PR $400.00  

Tripp Lite Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Dec. 31st, 2014
  TL SKU   Instant Rebate  Omni650LCD   $5.00  Smart1000LCD   $10.00  Smart1300LCDT   $12.50  Smart1500LCDT   $15.00  SRWF5U   $15.00  SRW10US   $15.00  SRW12US   $15.00  SRW15US   $20.00  SRW18US   $25.00  SRCOOL12K   $50.00  SRCOOLNET   $20.00  PDUMH15   $5.00  PDUMH20   $7.50  PDUMH30   $10.00  

Upgrade to VMware vSphere and you can WIN $1000!
Promotion Dates: November 3 - December 31
Upgrade to VMware vSphere with Operations Management and you can WIN one of four $1000 prizes! Take advantage of this promotion today and you can also save 25% when you upgrade your existing vSphere Standard, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus environment to vSphere with Operations Management before December 29, 2014. With VMware vSphere with Operations Management you can: Cut time to diagnose and resolve issues by 26%. Identify and eliminate potential bottlenecks with automated root-cause analysis. Take decisive action based on smart alerts powered by self-learning algorithms. Run applications at high service levels. Maximize hardware savings through higher capacity utilization and consolidation ratios. Gain visibility into virtual environments. Proactively identify and remediate emerging performance issues. Optimize resource utilization through a unified console.