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Free Disk Wiper 15 for OS X and New Mac ToolBox Portal
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 Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data protection, backup and disaster recovery, announces the release of Paragon Disk Wiper 15 for Mac OS X Free – a utility to efficiently clean hard disks and SSDs or permanently erase critical data on separate partitions or entire hard disks. As research has shown, the ‘trim’ command to delete data on the entire drive or individual volumes does not completely remove all traces of your personal data. Trimming is accomplished by a delete operation in relatively large blocks while remnants and entire small files remain intact; some data still stays on the drive in segments. Besides, all storage service areas containing active user data remain intact. To be confident your data on SSD doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, you have two options: either physically shred your SSD into pieces that are small enough that a single chip cannot escape damage, or use a specialized data erasure utility that supports solid state drives, like Paragon’s Disk Wiper for Mac. Paragon’s solution is a free utility that performs a secure and permanent wipe within 20-30 seconds. With Disk Wiper for Mac, wiping is not accomplished under Mac OS X, but from a special Linux-based flash stick that can be easily created from the program. After booting the Mac from this device, the Wipe Wizard can irreversibly remove confidential data in just a few easy steps. Multiple sanitization methods are available: “SSD Trim” (recommended for SSDs), selecting a specific algorithm, or a user-created method. Unlike traditional HDD-based wiping methods, “SSD Trim” works very quickly and is completely safe for SSDs. Key features at a glance: Creates a bootable wiping media in a few clicks Wipe exactly what you need – the entire hard disk or separate partitions (primary, extended, logical) Wipes data even if the Mac fails to boot Supports ten different disk sanitization algorithms Paragon’s powerful “SSD Trim” algorithm guarantees irreversible secure data destruction on SSD storage devices without causing unnecessary and undesirable wear Flexible customization options allow to create your own wipe algorithm with minimal effort - define up to four wiping patterns, number of passes for each wiping pattern and for the group of patterns, thus resulting in over 40000 possible number of passes. Wipe report with extended hardware and system information to verify the accomplishment of the wipe operation Paragon Mac ToolBox portal The new Paragon Mac ToolBox web portal makes it easy to find which of the company’s products can be used to solve particular Mac-related problems. For example, a user who wishes to reallocate disk space between OS X and Windows after using Boot Camp is directed to Paragon Camptune X. Or if the issue involves the use of an external drive in NTFS format, the Mac ToolBox reveals that Paragon NTFS for Mac 12 provides full read/write access. Some of the tools described in the Mac ToolBox are available free of charge, including Paragon Boot Camp Backup Free to back up Windows under OS X, while all commercial products are available on a time-limited demo basis. Requirements: Paragon Disk Wiper 15 for Mac OS X Free supports all OS X 10.6 and higher.  

Intel Desktop Processor Rebate Promo
Promotion Dates: December 29th, 2014 to March 27th, 2015
Valid while supplies last and subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed. Vendor Part #   Rebate (USD)  BX80646I34330   $15.00  BX80646I34160   $2.00  BX80637I33250   $2.00  BX80646G3258   $5.00  BX80646G3420   $17.00  BX80637G2130   $17.00  BX80646G3240   $6.00  BX80646G3220   $10.00  BX80637G2030   $10.00  

HP Smart Buy Elitebook Rebates
Promotion Dates: Feb 1-March 30 2015
    SKU Instant Rebate   J5P81UT#ABA 90   J5P81UT#ABL 90   J5P80UT#ABA 180   J5P80UT#ABL 180   J8U04UT#ABA 80   J8U04UT#ABL 80   E3W22UT#ABA 90   E3W22UT#ABL 90   G4U67UT#ABA 120   G4U67UT#ABL 120  

Microsoft Azure: Earn up to $5,000 in cash back
Promotion Dates: October 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015
Help accelerate your customers move to the Cloud with Azure  Earn up to $5,000 in cash back, $20 dollar per license, when you sell 5 or more licenses of eligible Azure products thru Open to Qualified Organizations.  Azure is now available through the familiar Open Licensing Program that offers the benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing and opportunities for growing margins and deepening customer relationships. During October 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015, Microsoft offers a cashback program to help accelerate your customers move to the Cloud with Azure.  Taking advantage of this offer is simple: 1.Sell eligible Azure licenses thru Open between October 1st, 2014 and March 31st, 2015 2.Submit your claim by the applicable deadline 3.Microsoft will validate your claim and send a cheque to you in the mail 8 weeks after the claim is approved

Epson Projector Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until March 31st, 2015
PL 1751 V11H479120-F  $50.00 PL 1771 V11H477020  $50.00 PowerLite 1930 V11H506020  $100.00 PowerLite 1980WU V11H620020  $100.00 PowerLite 4650 V11H546020  $140.00 PowerLite 4750W V11H544020  $140.00

OKI Printers NMSO 2015
Promotion Dates: Until March 31st, 2015
  OKI PART NUMBER OKI MODEL NAME DISTRIBUTOR Price     91670503 C711DN, 120V W/FULL TONER NMSO $754.00      91670003 B411DN BLACK 120V FULL TNR&2NDTRAY NMSO $269.00      62443701 C531DN, 120V E/F/S/P $257.00      62442101 B731DN, 120V (E/F/S/P) $515.00      62442001 B721DN, 120V $475.00      62441704 MB770, 120V $1,290.00      62441604 MB760, 120V $950.00      62441004 C831DN, 120V NA $1,247.00      62439701 MC780, 120V (E/F/S/P) $1,999.00      62439401 MC770, 120V (E/F/S/P) $1,499.00      62429904 B930DN, 120V PRINTER (50PPM) (E/F/S/P) $1,300.00      56120801 KIT: B930 IMAGE DRUM $150.00      52123603 B730 Print Cartridge (26k page yield) (ISO Test Standard) $139.00      52123602 B720 Print Cartridge (20k page yield) (ISO Test Standard) $119.00      52117101 KIT: B930 TONER (30K) $75.00      45488901 KIT: PRINT CARTRIDGE 25K (B721/731) (B4) $100.00      45479001 OPTION: 2ND TRAY (MB760/770/MPS5502MB) $109.00      45478901 OPTION: 2ND TRAY(530SHT)B721/731/MPS5501 $109.00      45466501 KIT: 2ND TRAY OPTION (MC770/780/MPS4242) $109.00      45460510 KIT: MB760/MB770 TONER (36K) TYPE B4 $54.00      45460509 KIT: MB760/MB770 TONER (25K) TYPE B4 $60.00      45456305 KIT:MB760/MB770 IMAGE DRUM TYPE B4 $69.00      45439001 KIT: PRINT CARTRIDGE 36K(TYPE B4) (B731) $75.00      45435101 KIT:MAINT.120V B7X1/MB760/770/MPS5501B/5 $101.00      45396212 KIT: TONER BLACK 15K C22 (MC770/780) $45.00      45396211 KIT: TONER CYAN 11.5K C22 (MC770/780) $59.00      45396210 KIT: TONER MAGENTA 11.5K C22 (MC770/780) $59.00      45396209 KIT: TONER YELLOW 11.5K C22 (MC770/780) $59.00      45395712 KIT: IMAGE DRUM BLACK C22 (MC770/780) $53.00      45395711 KIT: IMAGE DRUM CYAN C22 (MC770/780) $65.00      45395710 KIT: IMAGE DRUM MAGENTA C22 (MC770/780) $65.00      45395709 KIT: IMAGE DRUM YELLOW C22 (MC770/780) $65.00      44844512 KIT: TONER BLACK 10K TYPE C19 (C831) $55.00      44844511 KIT: TONER CYAN 10K TYPE C19 (C831) $78.00      44844510 KIT: TONER MAGENTA 10K TYPE C19 (C831) $78.00      44844509 KIT: TONER YELLOW 10K TYPE C19 (C831) $78.00      44844416 KIT: IMAGE DRUM BLACK TYPE C19 (C831) $65.00      44844415 KIT: IMAGE DRUM CYAN TYPE C19 (C831) $65.00      44844414 KIT: IMAGE DRUM MAGENTA TYPE C19 (C831) $65.00      44844413 KIT: IMAGE DRUM YELLOW TYPE C19 (C831) $65.00      44713902 OPTION: 2ND TRAY (C831) $160.00      44574701 B411/B431 Series Toner (4k pages) $27.00      44574301 B411/B431 Series Image Drum $84.00      44494201 C330/C530 Image Drum  $70.00      44469802 C530 Black Toner Cartridge, Type C17 (5k) $49.00      44469721 C530 Cyan Toner Cartridge, Type C17 (5k) $75.00      44469720 C530 Magenta Toner Cartridge, Type C17 (5k) $75.00      44469719 C530 Yellow Toner Cartridge, Type C17 (5k) $75.00      44318604 C711 Series Black Toner Cartridge (11k Yield ISO Test Standard) $34.00      44318603 C711 Series Cyan Toner Cartridge (11.5k Yield ISO Test Standard) $88.00      44318602 C711 Series Magenta Toner Cartridge (11.5k Yield ISO Test Standard) $88.00      44318601 C711 Series Yellow Toner Cartridge (11.5k Yield ISO Test Standard) $88.00      44318504 C711 Series Black Image Drum $41.00      44318503 C711 Series Cyan Image Drum $54.00      44318502 C711 Series Magenta Image Drum $54.00      44318501 C711 Series Yellow Image Drum $54.00      44274501 KIT: 2ND TRAY OPTION (C610/711) $125.00      43979201 KIT: B420/430 SERIES TONER 7K $31.00      43979001 B410/B420/B430/MB400 MFP Series Image Drum $68.00      38035505 PACKET: WEP C531 5YR ONSITE $339.00      38035504 PACKET: WEP C531 4YR ONSITE $238.00      38034605 PACKET: WEP B721/B731 5YR ONSITE $335.00      38034604 PACKET: WEP B721/B731 4YR ONSITE $255.00      38006714 AGRMT: (NF) WEP 4YR ONSITE (B400 SERIES) $99.00      38006713 AGRMT: (NF) WEP 3YR ONSITE (B400 SERIES) $76.00      38006712 AGRMT: (NF) WEP 2YR ONSITE (B400 SERIES) $40.00      38003614 C710/C711 Series 4 Year On-Site (WEP) - Virtual $235.00      38003613 C710/C711 Series 3 Year On-Site (WEP) - Virtual $175.00      38003612 C710/C711 Series 2 Year On-Site (WEP) - Virtual $89.00      62411601 ML320 TURBO W/USB, 120V $230.00      62418701 ML420, W/USB, 120V $250.00      62427201 B4600, 120V $190.00     

Tripp Lite Q1 Promo
Promotion Dates: Until March 31st, 2015
  Tripp Lite No.   Discount  SU1000XLCD   $20.00  SU1500XLCD   $30.00  SU2200XLCD   $40.00  SU3000XLCD   $50.00  SR25UB   $40.00  SR42UB   $50.00  SR45UB   $75.00  SR48UB   $100.00  PDUMH15AT   $10.00  PDUMH20AT   $20.00  PDUMH30AT   $30.00  SRCOOL12K   $40.00  SRCOOLNET   $10.00  B020-U08-19-K   $50.00  B020-U16-19-K   $50.00  

APC Q1 2015 Channel Rebate
Promotion Dates: From Feb 3 - April 30 2015
  SKU   REBATE AP7900   $35.00 AR2400   $40.00 AR3100   $50.00 AR4024A   $350.00 AR4038A   $500.00 BR1500G   $12.00 P74   $1.00 SMT1000   $30.00 SMT1000RM2U   $40.00 SMT1500RM2U   $45.00 SMT2200RM2U   $60.00 SMT750   $20.00 SMT750RM2U   $25.00 SURTA1500XL   $75.00 SURTA1500RMXL2U   $80.00 SURTA2200RMXL2U   $90.00 BE350G-CN   $4.00 BE750G-CN   $10.00 PRO8T2   $5.00 SMX1500RM2U   $50.00 SMX1500RM2UNC   $75.00 SMX3000RMLV2UNC   $100.00