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Promotion Dates: Until October 31, 2014
  HP Part #   Description Instant Rebate J9798A#ABA   M220 802.11N AM AP $100.00 J9650A   HP E-MSM 430 DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $100.00 J9590A   HP E-MSM 460 DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $200.00 J9621A   HP E-MSM 466 DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $200.00 JG639A   HP 10500/7500 20G UNIFIED WIRED-WLAN MOD $9,000.00 J9698A   MSM720 PREM MOBILITY LIC $600.00 J9715A   E-MSM466-R DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $350.00 J9835A   HP 501 WIRELESS CLIENT BRIDGE $100.00 J9845A   HP 560 WIRELESS 802.11AC (AM) AP $300.00 JG653A   HP 425 WIRELESS 802.11N (AM) AP $150.00 JG687A   HP 425 WIRELESS 802.11N (AM) 8 PACK AP $1,000.00  

HP Business Desktop Instant Rebate
Promotion Dates: Until October 31, 2014
Purchase selected HP Selected Business Desktop and receive an Instant Rebate of up to $40!   SKU Description Instant Rebate   F4K21UT#ABA HP 800ED TWR I74770 1TB 8.0G 46 PC $40   F4K21UT#ABC FR HP 800ED TWR I74770 1TB 8.0G 46 PC $40   F4L19UT#ABA HP PROMO 800ED DM I74765T 500G 8.0G 46 P $30   F4L19UT#ABC FR HP PROMO 800ED DM I74765T 500G 8.0G 46 P $30 Notes, terms & conditions *SKUs may be available in English (#ABA), French (#ABC) or Bilingual (#ABL), to find out please check the Focus on Personal Systems excel file. This promotion is available from HP Resellers while quantities of the eligible products last. HP reserves the right to limit quantities. HP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time. Eligible products shipped prior to the promotional start date are not eligible for the instant rebate or bundle offer. Backorders will be not be honoured. Orders must be placed with an authorized distributor within the timeframe of the promotion. Orders must be received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on the last day of the promotion. In these instances, HP will allow up to a maximum of 10 business days after the promotional end date to ship the product. Shipping and handling fees for the free or specially priced product is not included. This promotion CANNOT be used in combination with any other promotions or special pricing from HP. Only one discount claim will be accepted per unit or option. . It is the responsibility of the reseller to choose up front if regular Smart Buy, Big Deal pricing or promotion shall be used - only 1 promotion/discount is available per unit. Available in Canada only. HP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time and shall not be liable for any errors or omissions contained in the document.

Remote Backup Systems 20% Off plus double licenses!
Promotion Dates: Until October 31st, 2014
Jumpstart your online backup business with double the licenses and a reduced price, for a limited time! Click below to shop online, or give us a call at 1-800-519-7643 or 901-405-1234.

HP Smart Buy Notebook Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until November 15th, 2014
  TD # Instant Rebate 8755CN $40 8754CN $40 8041CO $50 9327CQ $50 2541CD $50 2542CD $50 2545CD $55 2546CD $55 2547CD $70 2548CD $70 4954CB $60 4955CB $60 7994CB $90 7995CB $90  

Optoma Instant Rebate
Promotion Dates: Oct 1 - Nov 30 2014
 Save up $50 on  Vendor sku      EH500     W304M

Take Advantage of Available MDF and Co-op Dollars
Promotion Dates:
Following more than 20 years of overseeing trade promotion programs, Computer Market Research (CMR) has launched a web-based module for resellers to track and manage the marketing funds that they receive from their vendors. As part of an Early Bird promotion, CMR is waiving the standard set-up fee associated with its new Multi-Vendor Co-op/MDF Management module. The promotion also features a reduced monthly subscription fee of $49.95 per internal user, available only to the first 50 account sign-ups.

Instant Rebate on Intel Processors
Promotion Dates: Extended until Dec. 24th, 2014
Intel has extended the rebate promo on select core i3 and Pentium desktop processors.  This promo is valid while supplies last and subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed.  Vendor Part #   Discount (USD) BX80646I34150   $10.00  BX80637I33250   $30.00  BX80646G3240   $6.00  BX80646G3220   $10.00  

Special on Infocus 5000 Series
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
    Model   IR IN5312a   $400 IN5144a   $400 IN5145   $400  

Quantum Midrange & Enterprise Products rebate
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
Midrange Products 4% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum Enterprise Products 2% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum

APC Q4 2014 Channel Wide Rebate Program
Promotion Dates: From Oct 14, 2014 until Dec 31, 2014
  Vendor Part#   REBATE AP8941   $50.00  AP9562   $5.00  AR2400   $40.00  AR3100   $50.00  BE550G-CN   $5.00  P610   $1.00  SMT1000   $25.00  SMT1000RM2U   $30.00  SMT1500   $30.00  SMT1500RM2U   $35.00  SURTA1500RMXL2U   $50.00  SURTA1500XL   $40.00  SURTA3000RMXL3U   $80.00  BR1500G   $8.00  P7GB   $2.00  P74   $1.00  SMT750RM2U   $20.00  SMX1500RM2U   $50.00  SMT3000RM2U   $60.00