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Alpha Anywhere 3.0 Partner Pricing Open To All Developers
Promotion Dates: Through October 21st, 2014
To celebrate the recent release of Alpha Anywhere 3.0 we've opened up our Application Partner pricing to everyone through Tuesday October 21st! Whether your developing apps in the enterprise or an independent developer building apps for customers, you'll save 50% on your development license when you purchase the Introductory Bundle.  Plus, during this introductory period only, we're including a full Alpha Anywhere Application Server license (normally $1,999) as well as 14 hours of video tutorials, exclusive videos & resources from our 2014 user conference, and 3 additional months of software updates/upgrades—all free!   

Upgrade BizPlanBuilder for $27
Promotion Dates:
If it even crosses your mind that you'll be writing a business or strategic plan for yourself or a client any time in the near future... Now is a Great Time to Save $70 on BizPlanBuilder! Since you've used it last, we've updated, fixed, tweaked,  added, removed and improved... EVERYTHING!!! Click Here to Upgrade Now for $27! (You'll need your serial # from a prior version to activate it.) If you can't find your serial # or you have an ancient copy... Download this upgrade, then give us a call at 1-800-346-5426. Tell us a success story, give us some feedback, or anything else... and we'll give you a new serial #! P.S. A new version costs $97 And it doesn't matter how old your version of BizPlanBuilder is. We go back to 1988! All versions upgrade to 2014 for $27! Click Here to Upgrade Now

New Health IT Assessment Kits for VARS
Promotion Dates:
The program allows most VARs to equip their entire organization with tools to conduct Health for IT assessments, plus capture and share their own expertise and earn revenue on sales of FuseExpertise subscriptions to their clients. Generate thousands of dollars in new revenue by conducting assessments and uncovering new opportunities for hardware, software and services.  The new starter kit includes a FuseExpertise subscription license for up to 25 users - for unlimited demonstrations and the ability to create your own content. You also receive a client license to conduct an assessment on one client. The annual subscription license is only US$395.00. Additional client licenses are a one-time fee, starting at US$100.00.                    IMPORTANT.  ChannelNext VARs can still receive US$249.00 subscription price until July 31st by entering promo code VAROFFICESUITE on the order form. A new reporting capability allows IT firms to re-brand the assessment with their own logo in place of the FuseExpertise logo. Over 200 topics can be included. A sample is attached. Take advantage of the new program today. Transform your business into services with a strategic, competitive advantage to generate profitable business. It doesn’t get any better than this.  

SpaceMonger 3 Manages PC, NAS and Cloud Storage
Promotion Dates: Until October 24th, 2014
            Easily Find and Remove Large Files Freeing-up Computer Storage   •   Works with local, shared-network and cloud services   •   Ultra-fast storage scan presents information quickly   •   Visual data maps quickly expose large folders and files   •   Move and delete actions quickly frees up storage space   Learn More and Save 20% Coupon Code: SM004GHJQ-TQEC-YJGD   Offer valid through October 24th         SpaceMonger 3 Features Industry-first Support for Leading Cloud Services:                 ©2014 by EdgeRunner LLC. All Rights Reserved. 15090 Beck Road Plymouth, MI 48170.

Promotion Dates: Until October 31, 2014
  HP Part #   Description Instant Rebate J9798A#ABA   M220 802.11N AM AP $100.00 J9650A   HP E-MSM 430 DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $100.00 J9590A   HP E-MSM 460 DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $200.00 J9621A   HP E-MSM 466 DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $200.00 JG639A   HP 10500/7500 20G UNIFIED WIRED-WLAN MOD $9,000.00 J9698A   MSM720 PREM MOBILITY LIC $600.00 J9715A   E-MSM466-R DUAL RADIO 802.11N AP AM $350.00 J9835A   HP 501 WIRELESS CLIENT BRIDGE $100.00 J9845A   HP 560 WIRELESS 802.11AC (AM) AP $300.00 JG653A   HP 425 WIRELESS 802.11N (AM) AP $150.00 JG687A   HP 425 WIRELESS 802.11N (AM) 8 PACK AP $1,000.00  

HP Business Desktop Instant Rebate
Promotion Dates: Until October 31, 2014
Purchase selected HP Selected Business Desktop and receive an Instant Rebate of up to $40!   SKU Description Instant Rebate   F4K21UT#ABA HP 800ED TWR I74770 1TB 8.0G 46 PC $40   F4K21UT#ABC FR HP 800ED TWR I74770 1TB 8.0G 46 PC $40   F4L19UT#ABA HP PROMO 800ED DM I74765T 500G 8.0G 46 P $30   F4L19UT#ABC FR HP PROMO 800ED DM I74765T 500G 8.0G 46 P $30 Notes, terms & conditions *SKUs may be available in English (#ABA), French (#ABC) or Bilingual (#ABL), to find out please check the Focus on Personal Systems excel file. This promotion is available from HP Resellers while quantities of the eligible products last. HP reserves the right to limit quantities. HP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time. Eligible products shipped prior to the promotional start date are not eligible for the instant rebate or bundle offer. Backorders will be not be honoured. Orders must be placed with an authorized distributor within the timeframe of the promotion. Orders must be received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on the last day of the promotion. In these instances, HP will allow up to a maximum of 10 business days after the promotional end date to ship the product. Shipping and handling fees for the free or specially priced product is not included. This promotion CANNOT be used in combination with any other promotions or special pricing from HP. Only one discount claim will be accepted per unit or option. . It is the responsibility of the reseller to choose up front if regular Smart Buy, Big Deal pricing or promotion shall be used - only 1 promotion/discount is available per unit. Available in Canada only. HP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time and shall not be liable for any errors or omissions contained in the document.

Take Advantage of Available MDF and Co-op Dollars
Promotion Dates:
Following more than 20 years of overseeing trade promotion programs, Computer Market Research (CMR) has launched a web-based module for resellers to track and manage the marketing funds that they receive from their vendors. As part of an Early Bird promotion, CMR is waiving the standard set-up fee associated with its new Multi-Vendor Co-op/MDF Management module. The promotion also features a reduced monthly subscription fee of $49.95 per internal user, available only to the first 50 account sign-ups.

Special on Infocus 5000 Series
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
    Model   IR IN5312a   $400 IN5144a   $400 IN5145   $400  

Quantum Midrange & Enterprise Products rebate
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
Midrange Products 4% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum Enterprise Products 2% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum