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HP Workstations Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Aug. 31st, 2016
L9K22UT#ABA Z240 SFF WS X/3.3 $65.00 P3E29UT#ABA PROMO 14 I7/2.4 16GB 1TB $110.00 L9K22UT#ABC FR Z240 SFF WS X/3.3 $65.00 P3E29UT#ABL BL PROMO 14 $110.00

Paragon Software Group Boosts Global Affiliate Program with New Marketing Platform to Support, Reward, and Incentivize Data Protection Resellers
Promotion Dates:
Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data protection, backup, and disaster recovery, broadens its global affiliate program by partnering with CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly, Commission Junction), one of the leading global affiliate marketing networks that specializes in pay-for-performance programs with leading IT companies. The new partnership introduces an additional commission-based marketing platform designed to reward and empower data protection resellers of Paragon’s data management product line. Paragon’s data management tools offered through the new network include the award-winning Paragon NTFS for Mac, Paragon Partition Manager, Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite, as well as other consumer and business products. Benefits for affiliates with CJ by Conversant: 30 percent commission to new affiliates on any promotion of Paragon’s products from September 1-30, 2016. Start with 30 percent commission in revenues in September and get up to 60 percent! Special promotions for our partners include higher commission share for all affiliates. Modern, easy-to-implement promotional material — simply download and place on your website. Exclusive 20 percent discount coupon for your customers.   “The partnership with CJ by Conversant opens new marketing opportunities to affiliates and makes selling our award-winning software easier than ever on a broader scale,” said Simon Koehl, marketing manager for Paragon Software Group. “Already within the first few days since the program launch, more than 150 affiliates around the globe have signed up to partner with Paragon, which proves the program works very effectively.” Learn more about the multi-level Paragon Affiliate Program, specifically introduced to benefit IT consultants, industry associations, and bloggers who recommend and sell Paragon Software Group’s award-winning products to their own reader and sales networks: signup for the program with CJ by Conversant, please visit

Epson Scanner Rebates
Promotion Dates: July to September 2016
  B11B206201 DS30  $45.00 B11B225201 DS40  $38.00 B11B204121 DS50000  $65.00 B11B209201 DS510   $50.00 B11B234201 DS520  $70.00 B11B204221 DS60000  $130.00 B11B205221 DS6500  $32.50 B11B204321 DS70000  $195.00 B11B205321 DS7500  $50.00 B11B222202 DS760  $100.00 B11B222201 DS860  $90.00 B11B190011 GT1500  $10.00 B11B194081 GTS80  $40.00 B11B207221 V370  $11.00 B11B232201 V39  $12.00 B11B210201 V550 photo  $11.00

Epson Projector Rebates
Promotion Dates: July to September 2016
V11H479120 PL 1751  $25.00 V11H478120 PL 1761W  $25.00 V11H477020 PL 1771  $25.00 V11H506020 PL 1930   $100.00 V11H620020 PL 1980WU   $100.00 V11H546020 PL 4650   $140.00 V11H544020 PL 4750W   $140.00 V11H719220 VS240  $5.00 V11H717220 VS340  $5.00 V11H718220 VS345  $5.00

Q3 APC Channel Wide Promotions
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
APC Sku    Rebate AR2400 $50 AR3100 $60 AR3104 $55 BE600M1 $7 BE750G $10 BE750G-CN $10 BN650M1-CA $7 BR1500G $20 P74 $2 P74-CN $2 SC420 $14 SC620 $20 SMT1000 $60 SMT1000RM2U $65 SMT1500 $75 SMT1500RM1U $100 SMT1500RM2U $80 SMT2200RM2U $120 SMT750 $45 SMT750RM2U $45

Belkin Q4 AV Promo
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
F2CD049b $4.00 F2CD005b $2.50 F2CD032b $4.50 F2CD004b $2.50 F2CD051b $2.75 F2CD058 $1.00 F2CD001b06-E $3.50 F2CD000b10-E $6.00 F3H982-10 $2.00 F2CD021eb $0.50 BE106000-08R $2.25 BE108000-08-CM $3.00 BE112230-08 $4.25 F9D1000-15 $5.00 F9P609-03 $1.00

OKI Q2 Channel Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Sept. 30th, 2016
62444301 $30 62442101 $200

535 5-Pak Rebate Promo
Promotion Dates: Until Oct. 30th, 2016
Intel is offering a $2.00usd rebate on the below SSD's between July 20th and October 31st, 2016. This offer is valid while supplies last and is subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed. Vendor Part # SSDSC2BW120H6R5 SSDSC2BW180H6R5 SSDSC2BW240H6R5 SSDSC2BW360H6R5 SSDSC2BW480H6R5

Zebra MC2100 Product Promotion
Promotion Dates: Until Dec. 31st, 2016

​EMC XtremIO Xpect More Program
Promotion Dates: Between 01 Nov 2015 and 31 Dec 2016
The XtremIO® Xpect More Program is a set of three offers to highlight and reinforce the fact that XtremIO arrays provide the most compelling TCO story ever. Specific benefits are: Why Promote Lifetime Maintenance Price Protection? – XtremIO® Maintenance Price Protection locks-in Premium Support Services price through the product’s end of service life (“Lifetime”) as published on EMC’s website. The EMC Solution Provider Business Partner (“Partner”) has the option to renew EMC Premium Support Services for the same annual fee as paid with the initial purchase from EMC, as long as the end customer maintains a current contract without lapse. This is more than any other vendor currently offers and helps ensure the lowest TCO. Why Promote Investment Protection? – XtremIO® Investment Protection provides that a Partner, on behalf of their direct and indirect end customer, has a right to receive a repair of a defective product, replacement of similar product, or refund pro-rated on a straight-line basis (5-year depreciation schedule) for 3 years from the date of initial purchase, if the product does not operate in accordance with EMC published specifications. This is EMC’s standard storage warranty and it’s always included a 3-year moneyback warranty for product that cannot be repaired or replaced, but due to fierce competition, it is important that we stress this industry leading offer. Why Promote Flash Endurance Protection? – XtremIO® Flash Endurance Protection provides that EMC will replace an SSD in an XtremIO array proactively and non-disruptively, if its remaining Global Channel XtremIO Xpect More Program – November 2015 – December 2016 EMC Confidential—Internal and Partner Use Only 2 endurance level reaches 5% of its limit during the product’s Lifetime, as reported by the array to the partner’s end customer. XtremIO SSDs offer over 20x better endurance lifespans than other competitive arrays as a result of the XtremIO architecture’s unique write efficiencies and EMC’s superior enterprise-grade MLC Flash. EMC wants to expose that competitor flash drives have less endurance; they reach their limit faster and need to be replaced more frequently.