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Volume full again? Reclaim space on your volumes NOW
Promotion Dates:
  Storage usage is doubling every 3 years and 80% of that is unstructured data. Are your volumes getting full? Are backups taking longer and longer to complete? Are you considering purchasing more primary storage to get relief? There's a better way. Archive your inactive and duplicate files to increase the efficiency of the expensive, primary storage you already own. Complete your backups in less time using less media. Clean up your storage NOW and keep it clean - Automatically! Managed Server HSM seamlessly archives inactive and duplicate files  from costly primary storage to a variety of target platforms ranging from  inexpensive disk storage to tape libraries and enterprise content archive  platforms. Policies are simple to configure and maintain from a central management console. File recalls (performed in real time) are fully automatic and completely transparent to end users. Reclaim precious primary storage while accelerating your backup and reducing the media it consumes Managed Server HSM operates on a wide variety of source platforms (Windows Server, NetApp/IBM N series, EMC VNX/Celerra and OES Linux) and targets (EMC Centera, IBM Tivoli TSM, HP IAP, Hitachi HCP, tape libraries and virtually any server or NAS supporting CIFS). Download an evaluation copy and/or our FREE Storage Analyzer!

Epson Scanner Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until end of November 2014
V550 photo B11B210201    $30.00 V37 B11B207201    $10.00 V370 B11B207221    $17.00         DS-30 B11B206201    $36.00 DS-40 B11B225201    $16.00 GT-1500 B11B190011    $10.00 GT-S50 B11B194011    $20.00 DS-510 B11B209201    $32.50 DS-560 B11B221201    $20.00 GT-S80 B11B194081    $40.00 DS-6500 B11B205221    $32.50 DS-7500 B11B205321    $50.00 DS50000 B11B204121    $65.00 DS60000 B11B204221    $130.00 DS70000 B11B204321    $195.00 DS-760 B11B222202    $30.00 DS-860 B11B222201    $50.00

Optoma Instant Rebate
Promotion Dates: Oct 1 - Nov 30 2014
 Save up $50 on  Vendor sku      EH500     W304M

Interwork announces exclusive Channel Program with WinMagic
Promotion Dates:
Interwork Technologies, North America's leading Speciality Distributor of IT Security and Information Management Solutions, announced the launch of its new official Channel Program with WinMagic Inc. The program will bring WinMagic's award-winning, full-disk encryption software SecureDoc line of products to Interwork's 2,500+ reseller partner community while delivering a comprehensive channel-centric program designed specifically for resellers. The software ensures protection of sensitive information stored on desktops and laptops by employing authentication from password to hardware token, biometrics, and PKI, starting right at pre-boot time. WinMagic's award-winning products fulfill the requirements of even the most security conscious users by focusing on concrete security features and, at the same time, by offering unparalleled flexibility. Further, thousands of the most security conscious enterprises and government organizations around the world depend on SecureDoc to minimize business risks, meet privacy and regulatory compliance requirements, and protect valuable information assets against unauthorized access. With a full complement of professional and customer services, WinMagic supports over five million SecureDoc users in more than 80 countries. "With the ever evolving pace of the security space, it is our goal to continually offer the best in innovative solutions to our reseller base," said Carlos Rodrigues, Interwork's Vice President of Sales and Service. "It is for this reason that WinMagic is such a strong vendor partner-its technology and breadth of success speaks directly to the level of technology expected from our company. This technology, paired with a vendor who is fully committed to the success of the channel, translates to the perfect product for resellers and end users alike." "We are delighted to join Interwork as a partner," commented Angel Massey-Singh, WinMagic's Vice President of Marketing. "Interwork's new Channel Program will allow us to get our SecureDoc solution into the hands of more resellers and end users. SecureDoc can centrally manage SED-based encryption keys in a highly secure and cost-effective manner, and end users in particular will now be able to benefit from a seamless and transparent way to protect their sensitive information and privacy. We are really looking forward to working with Interwork to get our product out in front of the right people while allowing our customers to focus on their business goals, and not on technical details."  Concerning the new Channel Program, Interwork will continue to deliver technology expertise and support to its reseller channel partners. As the industry leader in launching emerging products, Interwork provides highly responsive service levels-investing heavily in training and development, as well as expertise in sales and marketing. For more information regarding Interwork's exclusive WinMagic Channel Program, please visit our website at

Take Advantage of Available MDF and Co-op Dollars
Promotion Dates:
Following more than 20 years of overseeing trade promotion programs, Computer Market Research (CMR) has launched a web-based module for resellers to track and manage the marketing funds that they receive from their vendors. As part of an Early Bird promotion, CMR is waiving the standard set-up fee associated with its new Multi-Vendor Co-op/MDF Management module. The promotion also features a reduced monthly subscription fee of $49.95 per internal user, available only to the first 50 account sign-ups.

Instant Rebate on Intel Processors
Promotion Dates: Extended until Dec. 24th, 2014
Intel has extended the rebate promo on select core i3 and Pentium desktop processors.  This promo is valid while supplies last and subject to change without notice. No backorders allowed.  Vendor Part #   Discount (USD) BX80646I34150   $10.00  BX80637I33250   $30.00  BX80646G3240   $6.00  BX80646G3220   $10.00  

Special on Infocus 5000 Series
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
    Model   IR IN5312a   $400 IN5144a   $400 IN5145   $400  

Quantum Midrange & Enterprise Products rebate
Promotion Dates: Until December 31st, 2014
Midrange Products 4% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum Enterprise Products 2% of Net distributor purchase price from Quantum

APC Q4 2014 Channel Wide Rebate Program
Promotion Dates: From Oct 14, 2014 until Dec 31, 2014
  Vendor Part#   REBATE AP8941   $50.00  AP9562   $5.00  AR2400   $40.00  AR3100   $50.00  BE550G-CN   $5.00  P610   $1.00  SMT1000   $25.00  SMT1000RM2U   $30.00  SMT1500   $30.00  SMT1500RM2U   $35.00  SURTA1500RMXL2U   $50.00  SURTA1500XL   $40.00  SURTA3000RMXL3U   $80.00  BR1500G   $8.00  P7GB   $2.00  P74   $1.00  SMT750RM2U   $20.00  SMX1500RM2U   $50.00  SMT3000RM2U   $60.00  

Oki Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Dec. 31st, 2014
  OKI   Description IR 62441604   MB760 WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62441704   MB770 WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62441707   MB770F WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62441710   MB770FX WKGP MONO MFP $500.00  62439401   MC770 DIGTL COL 35/37PPM $750.00  62439701   MC780 DIGTL COL 42PPM $750.00  62439504   MC780F DIGTL COL 42PPM $750.00  62439507   MC780FX DIGTL COL $750.00  62442001   B721DN WKGP MONO PR $200.00  62442101   B731DN WKGP MONO PR $400.00